disclaimer: This is not your average prettied-up-post full of how-to’s or painting info…but a fun Scratch and Dent Sale !



You know those sales…..you purchase a washing machine at a super price…..all because it has a small dent in the side…knowing it will still function beautifully, serve its purpose and the dent will face the wall in your laundry room.  But hey, you got it at a great price!

Just like the ‘irregular’  or ‘seconds’ long underwear pile at the 5 and dime!

Well….Classic Amy Joanne is having one of those sales….with Art that is.  I am bursting at the seams with class samples and demo pieces, book paintings and blog projects….It is time to share.



These pieces fully function and are still pretty nice….and if you hang it on a wall you won’t notice the backside is not complete…..or maybe you will want to complete it yourself…some have been demo’d on, some are just samples that didn’t make the cut and some are just ready for me to give.  Each item is described below the image.

Keep checking back for new additions.

They are worthy of a good home at a good price……I am letting go.

Click below or on the ‘Shop’ tab to visit the shop, The store will be available to you every time you visit Classic Amy Joanne




   Email classicamyjoanne@gmail.com your email address for paypal invoice and your mailing address for shipment. 

First come first serve. 

Up Next: Milk Painted Pedestal~technique how-to, Autumn Snack Cones, Chalkboard Pumpkins, Plaid Bowl Covers, Ornament Blog Hop 2017

One thought on “Scratch and Dent Sale

  1. Effie Carayannis says:

    They’re all in really good condition Amy. No scratches and no dents! What a great idea!!

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