Tell me these are not the cutest little charmers!

fall book 9 (2)

Let’s talk about tie-ons……for many years I collected Longaberger Baskets, along with liners, lids and tie-ons for the baskets….makin’ it personal for seasons and holidays, not to mention painting a few!   The tie-ons typically slipped between the splints or around the handles.

Since I love to design and paint on bentwood carriers….I thought hemmm, why not  create fun tie-ons for the handles to compliment the designs…….wheels are turning!

As a special treat for the folks that purchased our new book (click here), ‘Creative Friends Makin’ Fall Fun’…..enjoy the ‘kitty and mouse’ tie-on how-to video !

The tie-on will compliment  the ‘Matilda, Well Ain’t You Something’ bentwood carrier design, found in the new book!

fall book 7 (2)

The ‘kitty and mouse’ tie-on is created with 3/4 inch wood round beads with holes, baker’s twine ♥ and Quickwood, then painted.  The Quickwood can be purchased thru Wendy Young at (check out her class schedule too!)Other things to have on hand are DecoArt Americana Extender Medium and a ‘cutter/slicer’ for the Quickwood.

cat and mouse 5

cat and mouse 3

Here is a how-to video with me and all the create the ‘kitty and mouse’ tie-on!

scroll into the video a few seconds then hit play – it is a little glitchy to get started.

(please excuse the humming of the air conditioner….this was take 3!)


cat and mouse 6

How much fun was that? 


The painting of the ‘kitty and mouse’ tie-on can be found inside the pages of our new book….they are painted with the same colors as the original kitty and mouse with Matilda.  I did add a little antiquing with DecoArt Antiquing Medium in Walnut and wiped it back, then spray sealed with DecoArt Matte, then add the twine long enough to wrap around the handle a few time!

fall book 13 cover

email for your copy today! 

$14.95, plus free shipping….

cat and mouse

What do you think? Pretty neat, huh?  Make room in your Studio for sculpting supplies….you will be hooked!


Up next:  Chalkboard Autumn Snack Cones, Chalkboard Pumpkins, Autumn Vignettes 2017, Ornament Blog Hop 2017




7 thoughts on “Kitty and Mouse Bentwood Carrier Tie-On

  1. Lisa says:

    Wonderful tutorial. These are adorable and now I’m afraid I might have another hobby in the works 😜 I don’t know if that’s good or a bad thing. Thank you Amy for doing this video.

    1. You’re very welcome! Enjoy your new hobby…..good things!

  2. Effie Carayannis says:

    Great tutorial!!… How cute is the mouse? Love it. Thank you for sharing

    1. Thank You Effie! These mice will look cute tucked into any nook or crannie!

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