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Tell me these are not the cutest little charmers!

fall book 9 (2)

Let’s talk about tie-ons……for many years I collected Longaberger Baskets, along with liners, lids and tie-ons for the baskets….makin’ it personal for seasons and holidays, not to mention painting a few!   The tie-ons typically slipped between the splints or around the handles.

Since I love to design and paint on bentwood carriers….I thought hemmm, why not  create fun tie-ons for the handles to compliment the designs…….wheels are turning!

As a special treat for the folks that purchased our new book (click here), ‘Creative Friends Makin’ Fall Fun’…..enjoy the ‘kitty and mouse’ tie-on how-to video !

The tie-on will compliment  the ‘Matilda, Well Ain’t You Something’ bentwood carrier design, found in the new book!

fall book 7 (2)

The ‘kitty and mouse’ tie-on is created with 3/4 inch wood round beads with holes, baker’s twine ♥ and Quickwood, then painted.  The Quickwood can be purchased thru Wendy Young at (check out her class schedule too!)Other things to have on hand are DecoArt Americana Extender Medium and a ‘cutter/slicer’ for the Quickwood.

cat and mouse 5
cat and mouse 3

Here is a how-to video with me and all the create the ‘kitty and mouse’ tie-on!

scroll into the video a few seconds then hit play – it is a little glitchy to get started.

(please excuse the humming of the air conditioner….this was take 3!)

cat and mouse 6

How much fun was that? 


The painting of the ‘kitty and mouse’ tie-on can be found inside the pages of our new book….they are painted with the same colors as the original kitty and mouse with Matilda.  I did add a little antiquing with DecoArt Antiquing Medium in Walnut and wiped it back, then spray sealed with DecoArt Matte, then add the twine long enough to wrap around the handle a few time!

fall book 13 cover

email for your copy today! 

$14.95, plus free shipping….

cat and mouse

What do you think? Pretty neat, huh?  Make room in your Studio for sculpting supplies….you will be hooked!


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7 thoughts on “Kitty and Mouse Bentwood Carrier Tie-On

  1. Lisa says:

    Wonderful tutorial. These are adorable and now I’m afraid I might have another hobby in the works 😜 I don’t know if that’s good or a bad thing. Thank you Amy for doing this video.

    1. You’re very welcome! Enjoy your new hobby…..good things!

  2. Great tutorial!!… How cute is the mouse? Love it. Thank you for sharing

    1. Thank You Effie! These mice will look cute tucked into any nook or crannie!

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