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snack cones 4 (2)

Chalkboard paint √…..paper mache cones √…..vintage bed springs √….. the idea , welcome to my world.

While paging thru home décor magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, Country Home and Cottage Living I am inspired this time of year by the Halloween or Autumn get-togethers, crafts, and homes thru-out the pages.

And….since my hubby is building a patio area with a pergola…..I’ve been dreaming about our own get-togethers on the patio…..(and all the fun to come picking out plants, seat cushions, lighting, etc)….ok, back to topic.

  So I found myself  starring at 250 bed springs salvaged from a curbside and digging thru my art supplies for an idea………and bingo!…..Those paper mache cones painted in chalkboard style will fit perfectly into the bed spring!…… Halloween Chalkboard Snack Cones will be fun for our guests at our next get-together under the pergola!

 Can you just picture them lined up on in the middle of chippy painted table with hay bale seating under the pergola on the patio!  I know I can…..

snack cones 6 (2)

Let’s Create Halloween Chalkboard Snack Cones!

Gather the supplies….paper mache cones, metal bed springs, double sided scrapbooking paper, DecoArt Chalkboard Black, Graphite and Neutral Grey Paint, Prismacolor White Pencil and Snacks!

snack cones 2 (2)

Create the snack cones by first ~ painting each cone Chalkboard Black, then distress with Graphite and Neutral Grey Paint ~ see method here ~

When dry….write messages with a white pencil ~ draw creepy spiders, add cute pumpkins and spooky ghosts!

Cut the scrapbooking paper to 7 3/4 x 6 inch, roll with whichever side of paper you want inside or outside….then slide it into the cone and push in until a tight fit.

Fill with popcorn and Halloween treats….then slip the cone into the bed spring!

snack cones 5 (2)
snack cones 1 (2)

Start looking for those mattresses curbside and then in the dark of night take the pick-up truck, pick up a willing friend…..and pick up your mattress… should have 250 springs after cutting!

Can you imagine the possibilities with this simple paper mache cone and different  scrapbooking papers?!?!?  The paper mache cones and scrapbooking paper can be purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Snack Cones (2)
snack cones 4 (2)

Have fun creating….and save some treats for yourself!


Up Next ~ Autumn Vignettes with Chalkboard Pumpkins 2017, Ornament Exchange Blog Hop 2017, and possibly Mr Creepy (if I can squeeze it in)!

11 thoughts on “Halloween Chalkboard Snack Cones

  1. Great project idea! New patio and pergola sounds lovely too 🙂

    1. Thank you!

  2. lbarbadora says:

    SPOOKtacular as always Amy! EeeeeeK I love them!

    1. Thank you! Ideas, ideas, ideas…..

  3. Donna Enoch says:

    Love your snack cones ! I had a feeling they would be going into the bed springs !! The patio and pergola sounds so nice and inviting!

    1. 246 more bed springs to go! Yikes!

  4. Lisa says:

    The wheels of your mind must turn 24-7 to come up with such an awesome idea like this. If I attended a get together at a friend or family’s house and these were the “thank you” gifts for everyone to take home, I would be psyched. These can be used over and over through the different seasons. Ideas are already forming in my head. Thank you Classic Amy Joann for the inspiration.

    1. They are pretty playful, huh? Holiday Junkin’ stockings too!

  5. Cute project and the outdoor space sounds wonderful, can’t wait to see it!

    1. Hopefully soon….Jerry better get moving 🙂 !

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