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autumn 2017 3 (2)

This year I am taking a simpler approach to my Autumn décor.  Seems like lately we are all rushing from one thing to another, over scheduling and we keep adding to our already busy plates……

Thinking to myself, ‘How could I simplify and make life a little easier?’ 

Life at one time was simpler…..Cleaning every week and decorating for every holiday and season…,  I am lucky to clean for every season…and decorating is limited to Spring, Autumn and Christmas. 

Not loosing the Joy in decorating….just the time. Why is that?

Longing for simpler times

autumn 2017 2 (2)

So this year…….I decided to use my everyday décor and collections, keeping them in place and just simply adding a few touches of Autumn with actual pumpkins and gourds from Shafer’s Farms.  It made life a little simpler… least for this season.

autumn 2017 (2)

Pretty ironstone dishes filled with pumpkins and gourds fit nicely into the display with boxwood wreaths.

Natural dried items in a chamber pot, a tin squirrel, and a beautiful gift from my good friend Rupa, A hand made rug-hooked Sunflower on a bedspring…..I just love it, such homespun goodness…..and yes, she cut all those petals too!

autumn 2017 3 (2)

On the fireplace ~ a few eucalyptus sprigs under the fall goards…..eucalyptus, my new love…well an old~new love!  More on this to come this Christmas season!

autumn 2017 9 (2)

tucking a few seasonal berries into the kitchen hutch.  The hutch itself is white with all white collected pieces of ironstone and family collections….including my great grandmothers cookie jar and salt and pepper shakers….the  hubby thinks my clown cookie jar is a little creepy, poor great grandma ~ gotta love the family collections!

autumn 2017 8 (2)

How could I resist ~ a quick photo of a few of my favorite cows.  This celluloid cow is a fun find from Luckett’s Spring Market, spotted by my good friend Tracy!  Eye Spy, Tracy! 


and a few moments spent ~ creating Chalkboard Pumpkins

autumn 2017 6 (2)

Simply made with paper mache pumpkins found at Hobby Lobby in my favorite chalkboard method and added a few cute Halloween drawings in white pencil for fun!

The leaves were created with wire and plaid material…..more on this later I promise!

autumn 2017 10 (2)
autumn 2017 7 (2)

The Chalkboard Pumpkins are available on the ‘Samples and Duplicates’ Sale Page.  Along with some other Autumn Creations just added.  Be sure to check it out (here).


autumn 2017 9 (2)

Enjoy all the splendor of this season……my favorite!


Coming Next ~ Ornament Exchange 2017 Blog Hop, Mr Creepy, Homespun and Homemade Holiday and All in the Presentation 

5 thoughts on “Autumn Vignettes 2017 & Chalkboard Pumpkins

  1. Oh Amy, I love your autumn decor! Can’t wait to see how you made the plaid fabric leaves, they’re so effective……..Oh, and I adore the cows..

    1. I could not believe my friend spotted this cow from across a crowded show….and it was all in tact, no breaks! Thank You!

  2. phyllis spaw says:

    You did a wonderful job on the decorating Amy! Love the “simpler times” look!

    1. I do miss dragging out the bins and playing music and playing with new décor….but days like these called for simpler décor! Thank You!

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