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What ever are you up to now Miss Classic Amy?

Why I am making bowl covers for my friends and family to cover their bowls with all those holiday sweets and eats tucked inside!  You know we have Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner…..

Flour Sack and Plaid Bowl Covers

Pull out your favorite bowls and cover with a colorful plaid or flour sack creation….yes a flour sack towel, would you believe!  This will make a fun presentation on your table or to carry to Thanksgiving dinner with family….imagine the plaid cover on an ironstone bowl placed into your Pilgrim Bentwood Carrier (here)…..perfect presentation!

dish covers (2)

Let’s Create!

To create the plaid bowl cover…pick a favorite plaid material, cut a circle big enough to cover the bowl and then some (see image below for an idea), then sew elastic just inside the edge of the plaid material….the trick is to cut the elastic smaller than the material, then stretch and pull as you sew until you are around the whole inside edge.  Then slip over your favorite bowl!

To create the flour sack bowl cover…… Find your favorite image, family photo or painting, copy image onto the image transfer paper ( I used product shown below) ~ following instructions on the package ~ trim the image if desired and transfer to flour sack towel with iron.  Place the bowl over image on towel and cut a circle larger than the bowl, then sew elastic to the backside, same as the plaid fabric.

Slip over your favorite bowl and add accents, trim or ribbons to complete!  Embellish to your heart’s content!

dish covers 4 (2)
dish cover 16 (2)


And how about creating bowl covers as Christmas gifts? ….imagine wrapping your favorite cookie recipe for a friend, neighbor or family in a vintage inspired bowl cover!

dish cover 6 (2)
dish cover 15 (2)

Use a favorite Christmas image (image from Christmas 2016), a family photo ~ wouldn’t that be fun or your painting ~ transferred onto the flour sack towel….then add ribbon, trim, raffia, pins, ornies, greenery or gift tags….. endless ideas and possibilities!

if you love vintage, wouldn’t it be neat to use a vintage Christmas tablecloth to create the bowl covers?  How about using Nana’s treasured tablecloth to make gifts for each family member….a keepsake for sure!

dish covers 2 (2)
dish cover 15 (2)
dish cover 8 (2)


You are only limited to your imagination.

Always something new at Classic Amy Joanne.  I hope this post inspired you to create bowl covers…..Enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “Flour Sack and Plaid Bowl Covers

  1. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    Such a clever idea!

    1. Thank you so much….I can just think of so many ideas to tie onto the ribbon :)…

  2. Elaine D'Archangel says:

    Such a lovely idea

    1. Thank you! So many possibilities!

  3. Oh Amy, I love the idea of creating bowl covers for Christmas gifts.. This is a really quick project!

    1. This was fun and I can think of so many ways to use old photos now! Thank you!

  4. Elaine Sutton says:

    Love this,

    1. Thank you so much!

  5. Lisa says:

    Amy, you’ve totally outdone yourself. What perfect ideas not only to be used as gifts but also for our own homes. I have a lot of material to make the bowl covers but I’ll have to dip into my “tuckies” and purchase the other items. Thank you and may your creativity keep being creative 🤔.

    1. You are very welcome! The transfer material can be kinda pricy, I ruined two sheets just by not using my head….be sure to read the instructions before ironing, is my best tip! Enjoy the process….I think a family photo would be really neat!

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