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Eucalyptus made a come back into my life when I spotted it in Joanne Fabrics….already picturing it in glitter ~ as I wheeled my cart full of possibilities to the register area.

If you can think it up….you can do it, right?

Euco 1 (2)

Simply cut a branch from the bunch and prepare each leaf with DecoArt Starlight Varnish, then quickly sprinkle with white glitter before the varnish dries….When sprinkling the glitter hold the cut branch over a paper bag to catch the excess glitter.  If doing several, drop the branches into the bag and shake….

Then bend the branch into a wreath shape and clip with a vintage clothespin or twine….just lovin’ the wire on these cloths pins, it’s the little things.

euco 9 (2)

How simple is that?…..  Enjoy tucking the wreaths into small unexpected places….Clip it here, Clip it there ~  Add it to a package with a special note….pretty touches with a vintage twist.

euco 6 (2)

You may have noticed the eucalyptus and berries in the recent post ‘Ornament Exchange 2017 Blog Hop’(here)…… making its appearance for the first time!

blog hop 2017 5 (2)

…another ‘simple goodness’ idea….PS ~ the berries were made from styrofoam.

euco 5 (2)

…and then while the glitter is out, you can play  with other decorative flowers …..even cotton stems!

euco 8 (2)
euco 4 (2)

Add eucalyptus to your shopping list for Black Friday…..

Adding a ‘vintage like’ touch this Christmas!

euco 10 (2)
euco 7 (2)

as always, Enjoy!


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8 thoughts on “Glitter-y Eucalyptus

  1. Lisa Wells says:

    So pretty! Like you said, “it’s the little things” that seem to touch our detailed creative side that make us look twice and want to purchase or create! Love it!

    1. Thank you Lisa….I am sure many folks still use eucalyptus, but to me ~ it is an old favorite ~ become new again! 🙂

  2. I love the idea, eucalyptus with glitter… something different and very pretty.

    1. Thank you Effie….glitter makes everything better!

  3. Lisa says:

    Love this idea and its simplicity. Thanks so much Amy for the idea, I know that I’ll be making a couple.

    1. simply quick and easy! The fun is finding something unique to clip the branch into a wreath! Happy creating! Thank you.

  4. Cute idea, they would be fun to add to a Christmas tree.

    1. ….especially a white or ‘pink’ tree!

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