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Are you ready for another creatively fun Christmas project? 

Create this 8″ paper mache star for gifts this Christmas season!  Just by changing the scrapbooking paper and embellishments you can create a star for anyones taste or style…….makin’ your Christmas gift list a little shorter this year.

Or put on the cocoa, and place your cookies onto a pretty plate and have a few friends over to create together……I call that a fun evening….don’t forget the Christmas tunes!

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You will need…..

an ~ 8″ paper mache star (click below to purchase or email for local or individual pricing)

1 8″ unfinished paper mache star

8″ unfinished paper mache star – qty 1, includes shipping.


also ~ 1 sheet of scrapbooking paper, DecoArt Decoupage, Paint to match your scrapbooking paper, DecoArt Starlight Varnish and German Glass Glitter (or glitter of your choice) ~ also various tools like scissors, brushes, etc.

and embellishments from your Craft Room stash!

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and this is how it is made…..

Paint the star in a matching paint color to the scrapbooking paper, then cut the scrapbooking paper into ‘triangles’ using the below template. (click below).

Line Drawing

and adhere with DecoArt Decoupage to the star.

Then add Starlight Varnish to the entire surface.  Let dry, then apply to only the areas you would like to sprinkle with glitter…..sprinkle glitter before varnish dries.

wish 7 (2)

……then embellish

I embellished with a cute sculpted mouse….follow instructions found here. , adding glitter under the mouse for snow….and then printed a note in my favorite font onto copy paper, cut into a banner and slide over the star top.

Then I also added baker’s twine to the top ~ by knotting over the ugly gold twine that comes attached to the star.  It makes me smile when folks are telling me they look for the baker’s twine in my paintings and photos now, seems to be my homespun signature thing….and I just love it.

wish 5 (2)

Now I call that a quick and easy project……makes another nice gift to personalize for a friend, neighbor or co-worker!

wish 6 (2)

How about a tree topper too…..maybe for a newlyweds first Christmas, adding a banner with their first Christmas date.


….and plaid always looks nice in black and white, it takes me back to Mr Livingston and Photography 101, in Hi-School….at least I think it was Mr Livingston, lol!


wish 8 (2)

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…….

Wish 1 (2)


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9 thoughts on “….not even a mouse, Christmas Star

  1. lbarbadora says:

    You are so “magical “ 🌲

    1. keeping the glitter flying!

  2. Cute idea, thanks for sharing

  3. I love the project, the mouse is so cute 🙂 Thank you for sharing Amy.

  4. Lisa says:

    What a fun project. Thank you Amy.

    1. Thank you Lisa! ….so many ideas!

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