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Last minute gifts ~ can still be thoughtful and heartfelt….and take just a few minutes to create and wrap….so when the doorbell rings and Aunt Lettie brings along her bingo friend Ethel Mae to see your Christmas tree, you will be prepared!

I found the cutest silicone mold for gingerbread houses at Michael’s Crafts and just knew it would be perfect to create Chocolate Gifts using Wilbur Chocolate from Lititz, PA.

If you have not tried Wilbur Chocolate… yourself a favor and click below and try some. 

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Simply melt the chocolate wafers, pour into the gingerbread mold, refrigerated until firm and pop out of the mold….quick and simple.

Using what I had on hand….I inverted a cupcake paper so the design was on the top side, placed the gingerbread house in the center and sprinkled with jimmies and coconut.   Christmas plaid cupcake papers in red or green would look pretty too.  Maybe even a dusting of powdered sugar ~  Wrap it up in a cellophane bag, tie up with ribbon and you have a quick thoughtful gift!

This would be a fun party favor, centerpiece or place setting for your Holiday table too.

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Tiny cakes would be pretty from this mold too…..these silicone molds are the bestest….  Oven, Refrigerator and Dishwasher safe.

So last minute, doesn’t need to look like last minute….


While at Luckett’s Vintage Spring Fair this past summer I stumbled upon this store display cabinet and just couldn’t wait to use it.  It happened to be the perfect color for our home so no painting needed….just needed a good scrubbing. although I might still paint it to clean it up a bit….hoping not to loose the charm.

Thank you Tracy for helping tote my heavy ironstone plates while I carried the cabinet 2 miles to the car…..with very little complaining, lol !

So many possibilities….for now a pretty ironstone display cabinet with little chocolate gingerbread houses of course…..

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 It also fits well with the vintage scale with the blue face

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Our home and décor are always a work in progress….vintage finds make it ours.

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Merry Sweet Christmas, Enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “Chocolate Gingerbread Houses & The Cabinet

  1. Donna Enoch says:

    Love the chocolate mold ! A pretty display too !

    1. Thank you Donna! They taste good too !

  2. Love the chocolate houses, love the cabinet too.. Merry Christmas Amy

    1. Merry Christmas Effie!

  3. romaland says:

    I was in the AMEN corner until you wrote “coconut”🤤😁😂🤣 Cute ideas!

    1. ok, ok, ok, now you sound like my Sister! mmmm, so what shall I add for ‘snow’ ????

      1. romaland says:

        Confectioners Sugar?? 😁😂🤣

  4. Fun idea,they would be yummy with PB filling. Love the colors, I am enjoying red and turquoise this year.

    1. ….and don’t forget pink Jane! mmmm, peanut butter, time to make a new batch!

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