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If you took my advise in my previous post about Halloween Chalkboard Snack Cones click (here), you should be staring at about 250 metal bed springs…..

Here is another fun idea ~ suggested by my friend Lisa in a comment (…i love comments) ~ to use the bed springs to create a Christmas Stockings!… a little vintage junkin’ style.

Can you imagine them lined up on a chippy white mantle with a framed chalkboard behind them?  I can.

stocking 8 (2)

To create ~ simply paint a paper mache cone (found at Hobby Lobby) ~ with my secret vintage chalkboard recipe….base in DecoArt Forest Green and distress by drybrushing with Arbor Green and then less of Shale Green….. then roll a favorite piece of double-sided scrapbooking paper and tuck inside the cone, and then fill with all kinds of fun, from vintage finds to candy to craft supplies and slip the cone into the bed spring!

stocking 7 (2)
stocking 2 (2)

write a message on the cone stocking with a Prismacolor White Pencil….I promise it will look like chalk!  Write a name, leave a note or draw a picture…..

How easy is that?!?!?

stocking 4 (2)

The tinker toys in the photo are about 50 years old, they were from my husband’s childhood.  The lid was not opened for about 40 years, but I thought ~ why not….Jerry was on standby for ancient spiders or creepy things…..I popped open the lid and everything was neat as a pin.  I was told that as a child he was very neat and took great care of his toys, even washing his Tonka Trucks when he was done playing… spiders, all is good.

stocking 6 (2)

… always fun to play with vintage finds and craft supplies.

stocking 1 (2)
stocking 5 (2)

…and since vintage always looks good in black and whites, I played a little with the camera too, just adding a touch of color.

stocking 9 (2)
stocking 10 (2)

Sitting here typing this….I am thinking of a thousand ways to fill this cone stocking.  I may need to make a few more….tinsel and clear toy candy come to mind….

How would you fill the Junker’s Chalkboard Cone Stocking?

Spread the Merriment.


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4 thoughts on “Junkin’ Chalkboard Cone Stockings

  1. Great idea! Love the vintage toys…they bring back sweet memories..

    1. and no icky spiders! Lots of fun vintage toys with memories attached!

  2. Cute idea, love the joy stamp. Merry Christmas

    1. Merry Christmas!

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