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‘It’s all in the Presentation’ posts over the past couple of years have been all about ‘the wrappings’ of the gift….this year I am sharing how the gift inspired the wrapping….and coordinating it all together!

Typically this post is shared before Christmas ~ but, since my family reads my blog and are my biggest fans (thanks Mom….), I needed to wait until after the gifts were given to post.

and here is why…..

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I created our entire family (my people) in ‘little people’ for my 2 year old niece Abby ~ each person sporting their own hairdo’s and something to represent them….for instance my ‘little person’ has a paintbrush, …. of course! 

  I wonder whom Abby will play with the most?  Will it be Grammy, Aunt Amy or Uncle Jerry, Uncle Billy or Aunt Lucinda, Aunt Stacey or Uncle Todd… or will it be Mommy or Daddy or sweet Abby herself…..

little people 8 (2)

To make it more fun on Christmas day……an ornament version was created for each person to take home for their tree. Adding holly to the hair of the girls and to the body of the boys.  fun tip ~ if you are going to create this, do yourself a favor and make a chart with colors, hair color, and ‘things’ to keep track….gee whiz Amy!

little people 9 (2)

I also created a bag for Abby….since she loves to dig in our bags and purses.  She needed something to carry her little people to Aunt Amys to play.

little people 5 (2)

….and a matching painted outfit, complete with denim jeans.

little people 4 (2)

A fun creative family keepsake….for sure.

The wrapping created ~ is a Classic Chalk Art home for her little people to live ~ inspired by the ‘little people’.  All 4 sides of the house are lined with ‘little people’ and simple scallops were added to the roof line, then completed with ‘Abby’s House’ on the roof. 

They need a home after all…..

little people (2)
little people 3 (2)
little people 2 (2)

It is all tied up with a handmade pom-pom ribbon and gift tag made from an ol’ photo of my sister, ‘Abby’s Mommy’, playing with my brother’s Fisher Price little people garage on Christmas Day 1976….framed with scrapbooking paper, of course.

little people 7 (2)

….I can remember as a child when using the colored funnies from the newspaper was considered creative wrapping….and it wasOn only special occasions did the newspaper have color. We didn’t have ‘craft stores’ to purchase anything we desire as we do today.  We had an isle in the local Jamesway shopping center or 5 and dime with crafts….so being creative was really ‘being creative’…before there was inspiration everywhere. 

I am dating myself aren’t I?

little people 6 (2)

The ‘little people’ were painted with DecoArt acrylics.  The unfinished little people can be purchased at Bear With Us, 

…these are the same little people (but smaller) that I used to create the snowman picks.

To create the house….watch the Classic Chalk Art how-to video here. a white Prismacolor Pencil was used.  The paper mache house was purchased from Hobby Lobby.

For the canvas bag and t-shirt ~ the fabric painting medium was added to the DecoArt acrylics.

little people 3 (2)

Presenting the gift is that much more fun when it all coordinates……so that wraps it up for 2017!

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Did you see the quick video on Instagram with the ‘Little People’ ?  Follow Me by visiting Instagram Classic Amy Joanne.

little people (2)

I hope your Christmas was magical and filled with ‘Your People’ !

Be inspired!


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19 thoughts on “It’s all in the Presentation – My People

  1. Barbara Paolucci says:

    I just love your people project. Going to try to create it for my great grand. Love your chalkboard art. You are very clever indeed! Thank you for sharing. barb.

    1. Thank you for visiting and enjoying the blog! Stop back often :), always fun!

  2. How sweet are they! One of a KIND for sure!

    1. Thank you….and the taste is just as sweet! 🙂

  3. Lynn says:

    MAGICAL for sure! Such a precious treasure!

    1. ….mmmm, maybe next year the house! Was a magical Christmas!

  4. I love it!!!! What a beautiful and unique gift. Literally one of a kind 🙂

    1. She loved the gift….as did my family! A fun creative gift to create!

  5. Jeannine says:

    Omg !! What an absolutely wonderful gift. Your creativity is amazing. I love how you added something unique to each one that she can associate it to that special person. Simply one of the best gifts given this season. Awesome.

    1. Thank you Jeannine! Maybe we can create ‘little people’ in a workshop in 2018…..stay tuned in! This was a lot of fun to create and give…..

  6. romaland says:

    How special! Nothing I created was ever good enough for my sister in laws, so, sadly, do my neices/nephews know nothing about me, they also have nothing from me…but life goes on.

    You are so blessed for your family to “get you”! Happy New Year…♡

    1. Very Blessed for sure! Abby is the sweetest….Happy New Year my friend….Hugs!

  7. Lisa says:

    What a fun, fun, fun gift for Abby. I believe that with the house, the bag, the people, and her imagination, she’ll have hours upon hours of play time. Great idea.

    1. Thank you! So much fun to create!

  8. Paula Konsavage says:

    So very wonderful and thoughtful

    1. and fun Paula!

  9. Abby is a lucky little girl. That is a gift that she will always treasure.

    1. fun to create too!

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