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Would you like to learn to draw a ‘lovebird’ for your sweetie?

lovebirds 8 (2)

Do I sound like one of those ads on the inside of  a matchbook cover? ~ draw this to win $100.00 or draw this to enter into Art School ?

match book art

Gosh, if I only would have entered ? lol.

Anyway….When I begin to draw for a design I typically break things down into shapes, like squares, rectangles and even hearts!  I am not educated in drawing and it doesn’t come naturally to me….hence why my designs are homespun, whimsical and sometimes a little quirky….but I am ok with that… feels like me.

Here is a breakdown of the ‘Lovebird‘ drawing…..

lovebirds 4 (2)

Start with a heart…..add the eye and beak, then plaid or polka dot belly, then curly tail and legs! How easy is that?!!!

The heart bumps will determine the size of the head and belly and the length will determine the tail and bottom….easy peasy…..

Then color in with your favorite colored pencils.

….here is what I did with the drawing

lovebirds 10 (2)

Cut a circle from watercolor paper and prepare with chalkboard paint (not a surprise, huh ?), or any paper of your choice…..then draw and color-in the lovebird and punch a hole in the top for baker’s twine…..a pretty scrapbooking paper for the backside would be cute too!

…then add the tag to a Valentine’s Day gift …for your sweetie!

lovebirds 11 (2)

For the gift I simply made my favorite candy ~ chocolate covered cherries

lovebirds 9 (2)

using a recipe found on Pinterest thru one of my fellow bloggers, click below.

…..see Pinterest isn’t just a storage box, lol !

lovebirds 5 (2)

Then using what I had on hand to wrap the gift….a small paper mache heart box, a coffee filter to wrap the sweets, a few heart sprinkles, and bakers twine of course 

it made for a pretty homespun gift wrap!

lovebirds 6 (2)

yes…I said coffee filters. 

I found them in the ‘green~natural’ area of the market….and my mind started creating with all kinds of possibilities…..they look awesome with bags or paper mache boxes!

lovebirds 3 (2)

a pink lovebird and pink twine would look super cute too…..don’t ya think?

lovebirds 13 (2)
lovebirds 2 (2)

See that awesome red fabric bowl…..

It is made by hand on a treadle machine, by Trina of ‘The Green Snail’, aka  The Memory Maker….read all about Trina here.

lovebirds 1 (2)

a heartwarming, meaningful gift…….handmade and homemade that is.

Great for a special friend or to make a friend….

lovebirds 6 (2)
lovebirds 7 (2)

Happy Valentine’s Day



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14 thoughts on “Sweetie Lovebirds

  1. Such a sweet idea! Would never have thought of using coffee filters for anything but coffee–or to stuff between the layers of a face mask! LOL Methinks I need to try something with them!

    1. I loved the pretty homespun color….some ppl see filters, I see wrapping, lol!

  2. Mary Lynn Parson says:

    Love these birdies, thank you for such a great post!

    1. Thank u, enjoy creating!

  3. Lisa says:

    A beautiful display Amy. Thank you for the idea. These will make very pretty gifts for Valentine’s Day. I’m thinking Easter too?? 💜

    1. ….my sister said I need bigger boxes, one cherry was not enough! 😳😌

  4. Love the birds…and i love how you used the coffee filters, they look awesome!

    1. 🙂they were fun to create! The only complaint I got was the box was only big enough for one!

  5. These are incredibly sweet! Thanks for the instructions and inspiration! <3

    1. Thank you! Super fun to create!

  6. romaland says:

    Super cute!

  7. Tweet idea and the cherries look good.

    1. Thank you Jane….the cherries are sweet!

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