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going to market club 9 (2)

Will I see you at the Market?

going to market club 4 (2)

Are you looking for a painting pick me up?  Join in on the painting fun from March thru May…in the monthly painting club ‘Going to Market’!

Paint 4 ornies each month…..each representing a month of the year, a market find and inspiration!  A lot of punch in a 3″ wood ornie!  The ornies are cut by my talented friend Sheila Landry of ‘Tole Painting Designs’!

Add a pin back and wear to the market on your denim jacket, add a magnet to hold your market list to the fridge or simply add baker’s twine to create a market basket tie on!

going to market club 2 (2)

Each month receive 4 ornies with pins and 1 pattern….for a total of 12 ornies and 3 patterns over 3 months!

going to market club 3 (2)

….and to Thank Youfor joining, a free pattern will be included with the last mailing to create a ‘vintage’ inspired market tote iron on!

The design is painted on watercolor paper with acrylics….but can be painted onto any surface….really!

going to market club 6 (2)
going to market club 8 (2)

Will you not be the coolest chic at the market?

going to market 5 (2)

So how do I sign up?

simply send your email address for paypal invoice and your mailing address for mailing to

What can I expect?

Shortly after your email is received (I will be so excited!)….you will receive a membership welcome email with fun information….including a link to our FaceBook group to share!

A paypal invoice will arrive in your in-box at the beginning of March, April and May.

4 ornies and 1 pattern will be mailed by the end of each month….the last month will include a free pattern just for joining!

So how much is this?

$22.00 a month will be billed to Paypal, plus shipping!

going to market 7 (2)
going to market club 11 (2)

Stop on by ‘The Clubhouse’by clicking below or at the top of the page menu to view all ornies!

Going to Market Club 1 (2)

Gosh, I am excited about this…….Enjoy!


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bonus pic….just because I can’t resist a black and white!

going to market club 10 (2)

11 thoughts on “‘Going to Market’ Painting Club

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  2. These are awesome Amy! I really can’t pick a favourite …but if i had to say …it would be the piggy 🙂

    1. Piggy is my fav too! Thank you so much Effie!

  3. Ellie Setlock says:

    Hi Amy, do you think I’ll be able to do this along with the Bakery? Will I be biting off too much?
    Just looking for your opinion I think i would live doing these. Let me know your thoughts
    Thank you, ellie

    1. HI Ellie! I will share with you on 2/21….you will get to see them in person!

  4. Tracy Richardson says:

    Dare I share? I had a sneak peek at these and they are all adorable! I don’t think I could actually pick a favorite! Love them!!

    1. Thank you my first grade bestie! Love our friendship….especially the creative side!

  5. romaland says:

    Oh, I see you got your pictures….yay! I can’t wait. I will have to get caught up with my stuff so I can enjoy the process…hugs…😚

    1. Promise to make it fun! Thank you for joining! 🙂

  6. Lov how the piggy on the clipboard ties it all together!

    1. gosh you are quick, I just hit publish! Thanks Jane….it was a happy ‘thing’ to paint! 🙂

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