‘Going to Market’ Painting Club

going to market club 9 (2)

Will I see you at the Market?

Are you looking for a painting pick me up?  Join in on the painting fun from March thru May…in the monthly painting club ‘Going to Market’!going to market club 4 (2)

Paint 4 ornies each month…..each representing a month of the year, a market find and inspiration!  A lot of punch in a 3″ wood ornie!  The ornies are cut by my talented friend Sheila Landry of ‘Tole Painting Designs’!

Add a pin back and wear to the market on your denim jacket, add a magnet to hold your market list to the fridge or simply add baker’s twine to create a market basket tie on!

going to market club 2 (2)

Each month receive 4 ornies with pins and 1 pattern….for a total of 12 ornies and 3 patterns over 3 months!

going to market club 3 (2)

….and to Thank Youfor joining, a free pattern will be included with the last mailing to create a ‘vintage’ inspired market tote iron on!

The design is painted on watercolor paper with acrylics….but can be painted onto any surface….really!

going to market club 6 (2)

going to market club 8 (2)

Will you not be the coolest chic at the market?

going to market 5 (2)

So how do I sign up?

simply send your email address for paypal invoice and your mailing address for mailing to classicamyjoanne@gmail.com.

What can I expect?

Shortly after your email is received (I will be so excited!)….you will receive a membership welcome email with fun information….including a link to our FaceBook group to share!

A paypal invoice will arrive in your in-box at the beginning of March, April and May.

4 ornies and 1 pattern will be mailed by the end of each month….the last month will include a free pattern just for joining!

So how much is this?

$22.00 a month will be billed to Paypal, plus shipping!

going to market 7 (2)

going to market club 11 (2)

Stop on by ‘The Clubhouse’by clicking below or at the top of the page menu to view all ornies!


Going to Market Club 1 (2)

Gosh, I am excited about this…….Enjoy!


UP Next:  Learn to Paint with Amy Creative Canvas, Heart-filled Bowl Fillers, Watercolor Paper for Penciling and Building Snowmen

bonus pic….just because I can’t resist a black and white!

going to market club 10 (2)

10 thoughts on “‘Going to Market’ Painting Club

  1. Hi Amy, do you think I’ll be able to do this along with the Bakery? Will I be biting off too much?
    Just looking for your opinion I think i would live doing these. Let me know your thoughts
    Thank you, ellie

  2. Dare I share? I had a sneak peek at these and they are all adorable! I don’t think I could actually pick a favorite! Love them!!

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