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I love curiosity….it runs hand in hand with creativity!


To folks outside of the Decorative Art world….sometimes our surface choices are hard to understand or recognize….and that is the beauty of our Art ~ we can paint on anything!

We have some pretty clever ideas on ‘creating surfaces’ to paint on as well.

A follower on Instagram loved this ‘corn on the cob’ ornie painting and asked ‘what is that painted on, I don’t understand?’…..Well I guess to some we paint on some pretty  fun and interesting things…..I just love curiosity!  It opens up a conversation to spread the love of Decorative Art!

For the ‘Going to Market’ Painting Club the ornie wood was designed for many useful purposes….and cut by Sheila Landry, gosh I love her work!

Here are a few ideas to start you off…..

market 1

How about an ironstone bowl filled with marigolds with this ornie tied to the bowl….giving hope to a friend who is under the weather or a simple gift for a friend with a green thumb.

market 3

Thinking of a new neighbor and how to Welcome them to the neighborhood?…..fill a basket full of jams, jellies and homemade bread ~ tie the ornie to the basket handle and add a special message.

market 6

Tie the ornie around your napkin and utensils at your next Thanksgiving dinner……add a name for table placement!

market 7

Tie up a bag of popcorn for Movie Nite….stringing on this ornie, add a ‘corny’ message to the bevel inset.  A keepsake to remember a fun evening…..

market 11

A treat for your child, cookies and milk !….add a magnet to the back to hang notes on the  refrigerator door!  Place a name in the bevel inset for each child!

market 2

A gift for a favorite teacher, tie the ornie to the apple stem…..add a pin to the back ~ to add to her favorite market bag or denim jacket lapel.

market 4

And of course ~ add to a stack of Christmas Cookies.  This will be a treasured keepsake ornament for their Christmas tree!

Or add to a small wreath and hang on a secret pals door!

market 5

Endless Possibilities!

Will you be joining us for this Painting Club journey?  Check out the details by clicking below…and join the fun!

‘Going To Market’ Painting Club

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9 thoughts on “‘Going to Market’ Painting Club ~ Ideas!

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  2. Barbara Loehman says:

    Wonderful sharing thanks 💕

    1. Thank u for visiting!

  3. Your ideas are awesome! Thanks for sharing Amy 🙂

    1. Thank you Effie!

  4. THanks for all the creative ideas.

    1. Always fun Jane…Thank you

  5. romaland says:

    Yes, I will…♡


    1. 🙂 – cookies coming soon!

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