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May I take a moment to bellyache?

Since the end of last year I knew I needed a new computer, it was 10 years old and filled to capacity with patterns, flyers and photos.  When I wanted to save something ~ I had to delete something, it ran extremely slow…..and then it crashed completely.

Panic set in… may be small potatoes to most, but my business and my life is run by this little black thing that sits on my work table aside my paint brushes……


Thankfully I knew my files were safe on ‘the cloud’ and I had virus protection, but I had no other means to reach…….my business and my life.

I called on two of our techy friends….(thank you Allison and Burt), whom walked me thru getting the files back and work-able thru safe-mode.  I knew it was a matter of time……I needed to find a new computer, and fast if I wanted to operate ‘normally’.

….and the clock was ticking.  

I purchased a new computer…..happy me. 

Now to get my files over to the new computer.  Guess what?  My old computer crashed again.  Plan B….get my files from the cloud to the new computer.  Thank Goodness for Plan B.

I set up my new computer, began the process of learning and transferring the files from ‘the cloud’ to my new computer. Everything was hunky dory…..89% complete over 6 days….AND then….an ugly black blank screen appeared.  Panic set in again….’the cloud’ tells me I have 30 days to transfer the files. Oh My Goodness Charlie Brown!

shaker vacation 011 (1024x683)

Ok…don’t panic Amy.  I called the new Computer Co, since the computer was still under warranty.  A very helpful person walked me thru a million steps to get my computer running….it worked.  He advised me strongly to not upload all my files at once.

The clock was ticking…..I only had less than 30 days.  

Ok….it is time to stop being my own Tech Service and call in someone who knows something (sometimes I need to be hit upside the head).  I called a local IT Co.  They held my new computer hostage for two weeks….letting me have visitation on weekends.

and now…..My computer is safe at home with all its files and speed and space and back- up and protection.  

Back in Business

shaker vacation 01

Now…please keep in mind during this time, I was in the midst of blogging, typing patterns, typing flyers and ads, keeping up with Facebook, teaching classes and releasing the ‘Going to Market’ Club…..when I say I was frantic…..I was.

Oh….and not to mention the FaceBook changes and worrying about how to reach all of you.  Something to think about.

These are the tools in the 21st Century that we need and are given to work with….and where you all can be reached….and am grateful for them.

shaker vacation 092 (1024x683)

….and that is my belly ache.

as for the now.…..I am catching up at ‘Classic Amy Joanne’….and I thank you for hanging in there with me.  And hopeful that you didn’t even feel the ‘pickle’ I had myself in.  

I am moving forward now with all my plans…..with a new newsletter, an updated blog, new packaging, more posts with ‘free’ how-tos, new products….’Charm-me’s’ and ‘Cozies‘, the next Club ‘Sweet Treats’ at Christmas, new fun patterns with Sheila ……and beginning with the roll out of ‘The Going to Market Club’ this month. Talk about exciting fun!

Thank you members for joining!……more info coming soon…..not to late to join us!

market 7

So now that things have calmed down just a tad and am in the midst of catch up…….I found that life was pretty good when I had no computer to connect, I accomplished a few things on my to-do list. 

I continued on with the re-do of the Studio Office….one more corner complete.

shaker villate 04

…and I set up a new photo area.  I just love the vintage blackboard back drop with the original chalk lines still there….from a Sunday School room of the past.

shaker village 02

….and I played with my Camera and painted and painted and painted!

shaker villate 03

And I realized during this time…..that I didn’t need that black thingy to enjoy the time that I had…..the time that I was given was a gift to play.  Even though I had ‘deadlines’…I had no control over this….and I had time to just be…Amy…and it was a good thing.

Thanks for your patience….Classic Amy Joanne is back in business.  Wait till you see what I have dreamed up!


UP NEXT:  ….some super fun, always creative stuff!

10 thoughts on “Back in Business

  1. lbarbadora says:

    I’m glad your back in business!

    1. me too! Happy to be back!

  2. Those little black thingy’s don’t seem to last very long,(although 10 years sounds pretty good) I feel like mine is slowly giving up, I’m still hoping it will be later rather than sooner…you’ve got me thinking now 🙂 Happy you’re back on track Amy

    1. This is so much better….money well spent (although I would rather craft supplies, lol) !

  3. Lisa says:

    So glad your computer worries are over. Sometimes we just have to let the “professionals” take over. I look forward to all of your creations while you had some “down” time 😊. I can’t even begin to imagine what you’ve been up to…..

    1. Hi Lisa! So happy to be up and running! Now to do some running to catch up!

  4. Barbara J Adams says:

    Well now you have scared me. Guess I’d better do a little red box (my computer) clean up. Geeez. I would rather be painting!! Better get started. Glad you are done and can take a deep breath. Looking forward to the first Market patterns.

    1. Hope you are successful! The best thing I ever did was take it to an expert! Up and running! Market Club is coming soon!

  5. Glad you are up and running my friend.

    1. Sure is nice!

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