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Doin’ some deep thinking….about this creative business and life

deep thinking 4

going back to how it began, where it has been, the journey I have taken and where it is going…moving forward… all just happened so ‘all of a sudden’ and ‘bam’ eight years have gone by since Classic Amy Joanne was born…..did I blink?  Did I ever really think any of this thru? 

It kinda grew into something wonderful all on its own, ok~with a lotta hard work, but without stopping to think about it…..

What am I working so hard towards…if I have everything I want right in front of me?What if I am happy with what I have and nothing ever happens but this? ~ is it failure or success?

Yes, I know….deep thinking.

deep thinking 3

Am I just plain thinking to hard about everything?

What I know is …….I need to start with balance.  These years of ‘building the biz’ finds me scurrying from one workshop, one pattern, one book, one show, one seminar to another and saying YES to everything…..and it simply finds me ~ grasping for free moments.

...told you this was deep.

In the real world and in the creative world ~ we are dealing with stores and shops closing, suppliers are fewer, magazines are not being published, Art Shows are in their last few years, chain stores do not carry books or goods, chapters are dissolving, and facebook is playing ‘its game’ to make it harder to connect……so what do we do, where do we go……what do I do with my biz, how do I change with it?…and for heaven sakes how do we stay connected?

What are your thoughts on this my creative friends?

milk paint 9 - Copy (2)

So here are some things I do know…..

I am in it because I love it… share Art. period.

It all began with a desire to learn Art after seeing creative paintings at a craft show 30 years ago.  The journey has been more than amazing.

Truth be told…..I don’t really want to be recognized everywhere I go….I like a simpler life.  You, know in case I run the risk of gaining popularity like Joanna Gaines.

Not really needing to be a millionaire…..I wouldn’t know what to do with ‘to much money’…and it certainly didn’t help Martha Stewart….you know, in case I run the risk of becoming like Martha.

I would like to spend more time with my hubby, my family and my niece….how will this happen unless I make it happen? Ya know….saying yes to everything cause I don’t want to miss an opportunity….but I am missing out on a lot of important stuff.

milk paint 1

So….all of this being said, in scattered random thoughts and words.  This is the year I will make decisions and think things thru.  I will place my notebook in my hand and head out on a walking journey to think and listen to GOD and jot down what my life and my business will look like, the dreams I have and how the heck I am gonna fit it all in…..

…and possibly will share my thoughts and ideas along the way…and maybe a notebook page or two…..

What I know for sure is….I am a Creator, a Teacher and a Blogger….sharing Paint, Colored Pencil, my very own Chalk Art, Painted Furniture, Home Style and Photography…and a little bit of life too…… it’s my thing. You will need to drag me out kicking and screaming to stop……

I am letting go of a few ideas and starting with a few new ones….so stay tuned in.

deep thinking 1

  Do you ever put on the brakes and just say ‘Self, we need to think about things?’

……be careful, if you want to give GOD a good laugh, tell him your plans.  He has laughed and laughed and laughed at mine….and the outcome has always been more than I could have dreamed. 

I mean really….I could not have dreamed up a better life.

milk paint 12

So while I step back to more forward, I hope you will enjoy the ride….my dreams are big and endless….creatively speaking!

And if I haven’t stopped to Thank You..…..I Thank you for every comment, every pattern or book purchase, every Club membership, every class you have taken, every painting you have shared and for all the friendships I made.  I do what I do because I love sharing and being a part of this creative world.  I love our friendships made with a paintbrush in hand……

Let’s get moving …..we’ve got deep thinking and a journey to take with a notebook and paintbrush in hand…..


milk paint 2 - Copy - Copy

Some pic’s are for an upcoming  Milk Paint Workshop on June 23rd in Tamaqua PA at the Art Center….love our Art Center! (see workshop page for details)

UP Next:  Sister Stash, Painting from a Pattern, Studio Updates, Classic Amy Joanne Updates

14 thoughts on “Deep Thinking and Random Thoughts

  1. Amy sometimes we need to step back so we can move forward. It’s okay to take time to find the balance we crave for. I feel what you’re saying and i admire your work, you are truly gifted. Look after yourself and take the time that you need to find the right balance of family, work and play.
    I have always admired your work dear friend.

    1. Thank you Effie…..I felt like I was writing with such up and down emotion….but that is where I am at…trying to find balance, I step at a time. Enjoy our friendship….

  2. Lisa says:

    Amy, I think it’s always a good idea to put up our hands in surrender some times, stop, and then smell the proverbial roses. Reflecting on how you started helps you to move forward. Remember the ups and downs, the mistakes and successes, the conversations of both talking and listening. Dreaming your ideas and putting them into a creation is a leap of faith with the heartfelt devotion that God will be there if you fall. The future will always be a worry but if it’s taken one day at a time without adding an over abundance of stress, it will be fine. Think of the many lives that you have touched through your words, actions and deeds. If there was no “CLASSIC AMY JOANN” many people would be devoid of all the patterns, books, tips, videos and ideas that you have and continue to provide if you didn’t take a chance. God may be laughing at your plans but at least you have them. March on Amy with Him guiding you.

    1. Thank you Lisa! I like your thinking! I am full of faith that my future journey will be just as amazing as the past….Smelling the roses for a short time, taking a deep breath and coming back in with new excitement and fresh ideas! Stay awesome Lisa!

  3. Good morning, Amy! What a nice post and a positive way to look at things. I so admire you and I love the way you look at the ‘big picture’ of your life and not only the business part of it. After all – the two are so entwined that it is impossible to be truly happy with one and the other. Some people don’t seem to realize this.

    I really think that changes – while scary – are with purpose and allow us to grow. So many people are afraid that changes will bring on negative things in their lives. The fear of the unknown future is real, as most of us seem to find comfort in familiarity and routine. We like knowing what each day will bring.

    But to me, that can also cause us to be complacent and stagnant. As artists and creators, I feel we need some level of excitement and agitation in order to remain fresh and hungry. As for myself, I control my personal environment (studio, etc.) and that allows me to take a bit more risk with my business and artwork. I have found that diversifying myself allows this as well, as it is much easier to try new things if I am not concerned that failing in one or two aspects would bring my business tumbling down. Being in many directions allows the occasional “dud” of an idea without having too much impact on me either emotionally or business wise. It is my own preferred mode of operation.

    Keep doing what you are doing and I do believe you will be fine! I love your art, your talent, and most of all your kind and caring nature. Anyone who knows you or sees your work realizes that you aren’t just in this business for the money, but for your love of creating. I believe that makes all the difference in the world. I am so glad we are friends!

    Create On, my friend! <3

    1. U are awesome Sheila, mentor and friend! I like your ‘mode of operation’…..hugs from over the border!

  4. Janet E. Roache says:

    Amy, you are such a joy! I love the simple ways you make me smile ❤️. I think I can talk Lynne Smith Barbadora to take a road trip and we can come visit and paint with you! Keep doing what you love, you are so very good at it!

    1. Oh boy! I would love to paint with both of you! Thank u so much for your kindness!

  5. Sharon D says:

    Amy… you are just so sweet! I wish I lived closer and could go to all your classes. Life is good isn’t it! I love how you are so passionate about life and art!

    1. Thank u Sharon! What a fun journey we are on! I just love all the friendships made thru our Art!

  6. romaland says:

    I have tried to start spending more time with God to find the path He has laid out for ME. I have stopped following a lot of people that I don’t agree with their greediness or “look at me” attitude, and have tried to surround myself with kind, supportive, like-minded folks.

    I have also tried to stop being jealous of others journey, that looks so easy, cause I have no clue of their struggles.

    My life is better.

    My request is simple. I have asked God for $100/week in sales–that is it! I have asked that he show me how to bring the right people to me, to share the gifts HE has given me.

    I pray to be a blessing to others, through my art, and to give freely, even though it might at times hurt.

    AND, I try to be forever grateful for the blessings gifted to me.

    You are getting there, Amy–wherever that May lead, for you are walking with God.♡

    1. ……I always plan my idea of the perfect journey and time and time again…his plan always trumps mine! I couldn’t have planned this amazing life….I was settling for mediocre had I got my way! Thank u

  7. In my simple thinking we just have to give each day to God and see where he takes us…it is always exciting. May he bless the work of your hands and artful journey.

    1. And what an awesome journey it has been!

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