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We’re down to the little changes in the kitchen….to make a big difference.

My hubby and I started ‘making our house a home’ 13 years ago after we purchased it.  Room by Room ~ dreaming, designing, creating and lots of elbow grease… DIY’ers this is how we roll.

The kitchen had good bones… we used the existing cabinets, added trim and lots of white paint.  Hired out for tile and granite….and created a classic timeless kitchen.

organic chicken 10

I know really!……but in my mind I knew what it could be ~ and this ↑↑ became this ↓↓…..

organic chicken 5

but it still lacked details, personality and creative touches….

With limited time…..both of us working full-time jobs, Church, running Classic Amy Joanne and normal every day things, our DIY projects do not come all at once.

We were waiting for the perfect time to add the details…but realized this is not going to happen unless we break it down into small manage-able bite size pieces….

and here is where we began ~ in this small corner…..

organic chicken 4

Now don’t get me wrong…..even this small corner needs a few more things….a vent hood for starters and some trim work.  Along with changing the satin nickel hardware to antique brass…..just because I changed my mind.

But it is a start.

organic chicken 3
organic chicken 9

The back of the stove looked ~ well, boring.  So Jerry cut an oversized ‘cutting’ board and stained it, we then added a piece of chalkboard from a local school-house, pinned it with antique brass upholstery tacks, added a leather tie and used my skills as a Chalkboard Artist to create a fun design.

The shakers were my grandmothers…..I remember them sitting on the back of her stove, and the perfect little piece of ironstone holds salt.

organic chicken

We also added the glass jars for dry goods with wood scoops….and we didn’t forget the cookie jar…..yes, I need to fill that!… Joanna Gaines right?!?!?

organic chicken 7

Next ~ working my way to the sink area…..adding curtain trim, bread boards, plants in ironstone, and so on!  The vision is there.

organic chicken 6

you see, our kitchen is very tiny….9 by 11′, wall to wall with a doorway and walkthrough…..but we like it, it works for us.  So when thinking of décor, I like to think useful or change-able.

organic chicken 8
organic chicken 2

 ‘Classic Blue Jean Cottage’…Amy’s décor ~ not the latest trend or theme….is always in my thoughts.

Most of these added elements to this small corner of the kitchen can be changed….the chalkboard design, and contents of the jars….along with the shakers and salt dish if desired.  There is no commitment because we kept the cabinet color, tile and granite classic.

How do you approach a room re-do?  Do you start with a whole vision and then chip away bit by bit?

….more to come!

oh and if you’re curious….the chicken design was done with actual chalk!  The pattern will be available this fall with a new release!


UP NEXT:  Bear Fur, Adding Paper Lining to a Bentwood, Sweet Treats Christmas Club and My Dad

12 thoughts on “Makin’ a House a Home – Kitchen

  1. Catherine says:

    Such a beautiful transformation! We started out with pink countertops in our home that we moved into 20 years ago. We just got around to changing those last year. I’m not great about spending money on things that are still in good shape but my husband really wanted them to go. I posted about it on my blog too because it’s like a diary of the changes we’ve made here. Your home is lovely!

    1. Wow pink! We love working on our home as time and $ allows…..I will be sure to visit your blog 🙂thank you for sharing!

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love the addition of the decorative accessories, they really compliment and add warmth to the kitchen 🙂

    1. Thank you Effie! Getting there….having fun!

  3. romaland says:

    Fun…you are blessed…♡

    1. Certainly am!🙂

  4. lbarbadora says:

    I love it Amy! I have the same glass pantry jars in my kitchen. As you know my husband andI are DIY’ers as well. We have been at it fora little over 6 years in our current home. As you know after the first 2 1/2 years we were almost done and our home was destroyed by a devastating fire. Almost 4 years later we can almost “see” the finish line. Of course there will always be those “creative brainstorms ” we get that will make us want to tweak things. I love when we make our homes a statement our ourselves.

    1. Thank u Lynn! I love watching your Studio updates and home Reno’s with your decorative touches… much fun to be friends!

  5. Oh, it is looking wonderful! What a beautiful canvas you created to work on and expand! We spent the weekend doing our small bathroom over. Not fixtures – we are on a long-term rental here – but more cosmetic touches to make it our own for the time that we will be here – be it five years or 15! I am like you – keeping the main things somewhat neutral so that you can change up the accents if you wish later on. I have to stop myself from using the same, lovely warm beige color to paint all the rooms! We did the entire upstairs that (two bedrooms and a small powder room) because the one bedroom was navy and dark gold and the other was a greyish plum. The bathroom was what I will call ‘battleship grey’. UGH! The tan paint we used made the rooms look so much brighter and more cheerful. Not dingy as they were. Now it is fun to pick accents. This isn’t the bathroom that I just did the past weekend. The upstairs one is on the slate for another time, but I already have ideas. I did the downstairs bathroom using a very pale aqua and the vanity a deep, deep turquoise (Fountain in Decoart’s Outdoor paint) It will have a ‘beach’ theme with white accents. It is all fun.

    I so look forward to seeing your house evolving into your home. You are such a wonderfully creative and talented friend! <3

    1. I have been watching your bathroom redo and just love your painted touches! Creativity no matter the form is an awesome thing to have and share!

  6. your kitchen is sweet, I like the clean look of white

    1. 🙂happy place! Thank u

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