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Well Thank Goodness….another chair saved from the scrap pile


Truth be told….I am not even sure where I purchased….yes purchased~ this chair, it has been on my pile of ‘to-do-over’ for a while now.  I hope you’re sitting down, ’cause this is how I purchased it ⇓ …oh my.


…and the audience gasped.

It had good bones, a nice patina, fine turnings…..and the finished project will be beautiful, it just needs some love.  They don’t make em’ like they used to.

It was obvious that the caning could not be saved. The caning was removed and we added a wood seat, reinforced and glued-in.


A warm soapy bath was in order and then I pulled out a super power for refreshing wood….drum roll please.


 100% natural Hemp Oil by Miss Mustard Seed.  Not only does this product bring out the warmth of the wood, it is safe to use on food surfaces like cutting boards and a great finish product for over a Milk Painted surface, along with tin, leather, and so-on.

This chair has a nice patina ~ some things are best left unpainted….just look at the vintage patina on this chair, it takes a-lotta years to get this look. 

chair 8

Once the hemp oil dried to the touch, a square piece of batting was cut and a larger piece of fabric for the seat.  Eyeballing the measurements.

chair 7

Then prepared the seat by layering the batting down~ then the fabric, folding the raw edges of the fabric under, securing first ~front and back, then side to side.

chair 6

 Secured by tapping in upholstery tacs…measuring from the center out and ending at the corners.   A punch was used first to secure and tapped lightly.

If I were to do this again I would glue the fabric in place first….then add the tacs.

   beautiful tacs, don’t ya think?  They ‘match’ the hardware in the remaining parts of the room…..and house.

chair 3

The wood has been refreshed, the seat rescued and lookin’ stylish in my ‘blue jean cottage‘ home.  A welcome addition for sure! 

The blue hutch will have antique brass hardware soon, to complete this area.   We’re getting there….

chair 2
chair 9

When company is coming the extra seating is welcome!  


Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil can be purchased thru the Purple Painted Lady…along with other Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint products.  If you live local in PA, Miss Mustard Seed can be purchased at Vintage This Repurpose That

To learn more about Miss Mustard Seed Paint, follow

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13 thoughts on “chair rescue

  1. A beautiful addition to the ‘Blue Jean Cottage’, I love the tacks and the fabric

    1. The little things….those tacks! Thank u Effie!

  2. romaland says:

    It is beautiful! Yes, some things need no paint! ♡

    1. Thank u, fun to do!

  3. Lisa Boivin says:

    An excellent rescue Amy. You’re right, some things don’t need to be painted…just cleaned. Thanks for the tip on the Hemp Oil. I’ll have to try it. Your project turned out beautiful.

    1. Thank you! An enjoyable project with quick pretty results!

  4. Vera says:

    Super cute and I’m glad I’m not the only one that saves small pieces of furniture that others would throw in the trash!

    1. …wish we could save em’ all! :), you my friend are not alone!

  5. Shelly MCATEER says:

    Love the Chair! I would have purchase it too. I stop for unwanted chairs along the road. I am always looking for others cast offs. They are great to paint a design on. I have donated several that I have painted for silent auctions. Funny I don’t have any for myself! I like the patina of the wood. Great tip about MMS Hemp Oil. Thank you.

    1. ….mmmm, not sure what it is about cast off ‘junk’…gotta love it! Welp, 100 more to go, lol! OOOOHHH, I like the idea of designing on one!

  6. A fun project that turned out great.

    1. It was a relaxing project…..well, after Jerry put the seat in! 🙂

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