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Have you seen them….I’ve seen them.  Those beautiful marble-topped ~ wood cake plate pedestals…..sigh.  

While visiting ‘home’ blogs and admiring so many ‘home’ magazines….lately,  I have been seeing a lot of these pedestals…..and I started searching for one to purchase.  Oh boy…..some are priced as high as $179.00!  Although I did find one at for $88.00…..still steep.

classic copy 8

and here is another (source unknown).

classic copy 7

…….beautiful, yeah I know.

But a little out of budget for my pocketbook. Especially when I have the ‘tools’ ~ being a Creative Maker ~ to do this….right?

classic copy 5

Grabbing a few pillar candle pedestals spotted at Michaels… $3.99 each, it was a steal.

Then using my own dinner plates, bowls and serving platters for the top.

classic copy 6

Really, not much of difference, huh?….for $3.99.


Here is two pillars with a serving tray on top….I mean really, how neat!

classic copy 10

Can you image using Milk Paint to match your decor on the wood pedestals….then adding your very own china pattern…..maybe an heirloom piece from Nana.

hemmmmm, my wheels are turning.

classic copy

 Lovin’ the ironstone bowl on the pedestal ♥ 

classic copy 9
classic copy 2

Can you imagine a small butter plate on the top of the pedestal ~ then topped with a cupcake!

oh, the possibilities!

classic copy 4

Feeling crispness in the air at night… ready for Autumn.  Serving up some goodies on the Classic Copy Cake Plate Pedestals!

Serve up some Autumn goodies and Enjoy!!

Up Next:  Doin’ with Dots!, Freshening up the Bedding, Market Bags, New Patterns!

6 thoughts on “Copy Cat Cake Plate Pedestal|Classic Copy

  1. lbarbadora says:

    I love you style and creative touch —–> always MAGICAL!

  2. This is a FABULOUS idea, Amy! So many wonderful possibilities! Thank you so much for sharing your blog and creativity with us all! 🙂

    1. Thank u! So much fun to work together!

  3. Amy that looks great! Love the idea 🙂

  4. romaland says:


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