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I’m hip, I’m cool…..I am part of the in-crowd!

hip 1

Well according to Flea Market Magazine, anyway!

I generally don’t go out of my way to be in the in-crowd….but when I opened my new ‘Flea Market’ Magazine from Better Homes and Gardens, I found out that…. I am pretty hip and doing some in-crowd collecting!

I typically just ‘pick’ and purchase what I love or what catches my eyes….I do follow blogs, read plenty of décor magazines and of course watch Chip and Joanna on HGTV, but have learned over the years… just be me ~ in whatever style that may be.

I like to call it Blue Jean Cottage

chair 9
spring cleaning 2017 5

I opened my new magazine and found a few of my collections were listed as ‘What’s Hot’!

hip 5

There was vintage brass….

hip 4

Just like mine….

building vignette 7 (2)

And ol’ kitchen scales…..

hip 3

Just like mine….

hip 6

And even vintage linens….

hip 2

just like mine!

HT17 3 (2)

I even found out my ‘all out denim blue’ is ‘in style‘ thru a recent Country Living Magazine article…..

country living 2
hip 7

just like my home….and leftover 80’s jackets.

shaker villate 03

So….I guess I am ‘in the in-crowd‘ after-all……what do ya know!

So this girl who doesn’t go out of her way to have what’s in or what’s hot….got it going on!

What have you collected over the years that is the new ‘It’ thing?

What comes around goes around.….right Mom?


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8 thoughts on “I’m Hip!

  1. I think the best part of you being “Hip” is that you are collecting things that you truly love! I love seeing all of your collections! Vintage things make my heart skip a beat! And as I get older, I have migrated from “matching” things to “coordinating” things. I feed on your creative finds and find that you have such a good eye for picking up ‘treasures’. It is about time you got the recognition you deserve! 😀 I love your wonderful and inspirational blog! <3

    1. I like that moving from matching to coordinating….certainly another fun hobby!🙂

  2. romaland says:

    Since I am not “cool” or “hip” or “in”, I give great thanks that i have friends who are! 😉😁😂🤣😃 onward, chick…♡

    1. You’re the coolest😎!

  3. Barbara J Adams says:

    I love flea market style and use it in my house. I love vintage kitchen, glassware, dishes, pots and pans, furniture, linens and have started collecting purses and hats. All of my collections are used in my home. Some remind me of my childhood or a favorite relative. I think they make a home warm and cozy.

    1. I agree! get out the good dishes from Nana and use them! Seems like we collect a lot of the same…fun!

  4. Deborah Hegarty says:

    Ahhhh, denim. Lived-in, faded, and oh so comfy. My heart belongs to denim, (with a favorite white t-shirt)<3

    1. absolutely! We make good comfy friends!

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