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autumn 2018 13 - Copy

Ah, Autumn….you finally arrived.  Despite the lack of color in the leaves this year, assuming due to the continuous rain here in PA…..I managed to brighten the exterior and interior of our home with some bright colors thru simply placed Autumn Vignettes, from J & L Shafer Farms!

On the exterior…..Jerry and I tried our hands at cement pouring jack-o-lanterns!  If your curious on how we created these…..all you need to do is look thru Pinterest or my friends on FaceBook ~ so many different options to create!  I will be happy to share too…just message me!

AUTUMN 2018.png
autumn 2018 4 - Copy

….and a little added color by the front door

autumn 2018 3 - Copy

and to the back yard, under the pergola too.  

So excited about the addition to our garage (left side of photo) ~ it is a simple shed but will be covered in red cottage shingles, a green metal roof and a vintage ol’ door….eventually.

autumn 2018 16

…and to the interior a few Autumn Vignettes using vintage parts and pieces are placed. 

autumn 2018 9 - Copy
autumn 2018 8 - Copy

While snapping photos…I thought the above would be a nice color pencil project so I ‘sketched’ the image in editor to create a line drawing.  I typically draw from hand….but thought this would be useful as a designer….pretty neat huh?

autumn 2018 7 - Copy

typically I do not show the ‘whole picture’…..and thought it was about time to share a view or two of our ‘living space’.  This room serves as a den, reck-room, tv-media space, and living room……hoping to work on a fire-place insert and new braided carpeting this year….good things in time.

autumn 2018 6 - Copy
autumn 2018 12 - Copy

….it was fun playing with the next image ~it looks like a Clients ‘preview’ photo from Joanna Gains of Fixer Upper show!  To fun!

autumn 2018 5 - Copy


Jerry has been busy this Autumn with canning….his family has a long tradition of creating jarred fruits and vegetables…..sauerkraut and applesauce being two of my favorites……winter eats lookin’ yummy!

autumn 2018 15.png

and next is a sneak peek at an upcoming blog post about finding and using Vintage and ‘Uncle Joe’s Chicken’ Chalkboard Art….you will want to stay tuned in!

autumn 2018 10 - Copy

If you enjoyed this post…. click below to see last years Autumn Vignettes!

Autumn Vignettes 2017 & Chalkboard Pumpkins

autumn 2018 11 - Copy

My favorite time of year….Enjoy!


Up Next: Halloween Hat How-To, Uncle Joe’s Chicken Mantel, and Artist Original Christmas Ornament

10 thoughts on “Autumn Vignette 2018

  1. darleneferrier says:

    Looks great, do you travel decorate?

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    1. Ahh, that would be fun!

  2. Thanks for sharing Amy, your living space is beautiful!

    1. Thank you Effie, so much fun to create a living space too!

  3. Good morning, Amy! I love seeing your beautiful living space and your adorable decorating. I think we are all inspired by each other and I am so happy you enjoy sharing your ideas. Thanks for taking us into your beautiful home! <3

    1. Good Morning! Definitely inspired by each other! Thank u!

  4. romaland says:

    How fun! Thanks for sharing.

    1. It was fun! 🙂thank u

  5. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    Looks great, Amy!

    1. Thank you! So much fun to make a home !

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