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Feeling some creativity in the kitchen this weekend…..

Makin’ Cutie Pie Monster Cakes

cake 2

….and using a new trick found on Pinterest ~ making webs with marshmallows!

cake 3

Ok…so it wasn’t that easy…..I felt like it was one of the Pinterest flubs…but stuck with it.

First bake a favorite cake recipe, using a square muffin pan.  Drizzle chocolate ganache over each mini cake.

For the web effect….place a few marshmallows into a glass bowl and microwave 15 seconds, stir with a fork, then grab a bit between fingers of both hands and pull apart, draping over mini cakes…..

What I didn’t count on was it is sticky and messy and the web is hard to release onto the mini cake……patience is a must.  I had none.

I did find however that using the ‘webbing’ while still hot worked best…..the only tip I can give, lol!

cake 7

Then sprinkle with Halloween Sprinkles!

cake 4

and if you are lucky enough………

you will meet a happy cutie pie monster, giving you a big smile!

cake 5

Smile back… will make you happy!

cake 1

From our Home to Yours…Smile and Enjoy!


Stay Tuned ~ Uncle Joe’s Chicken Super Sized, Vintage and Walmart, It’s all in the Presentation, Gingerbread Gift Tag

cake 6

6 thoughts on “Cutie Pie Monster Cakes- that smile!

  1. imsorryimforgettful says:

    Amy, I love you and the way you write with total honesty. You make me laugh a lot and it’s good for me.🤣😂🧡

    1. Thank you for sharing and enjoying…..happy to be friends 🙂😊….laughter is always good

  2. Hi!! Loved the yummy ideas 😋

    1. Thank you Millie…..loved finding the smile!

  3. Paula Konsavage says:

    Perhaps greasing your hands I’m you do for rice crispy treats would keep the marshmallow from sticking to your hands. I am sure Jerry would be happy if you tried this again

    1. Mmmmm, now why didn’t I think of that! I will need to try it again!

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