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uncle joe chicken 1 - Copy

 Classic Chalk Art goes Big…and Vintage….on the mantel at the Mogish’s

Our home is very Cottage~ Blue Jean Cottage as I like to call it ~ and yes, I do collect a lot of Vintage… when I say Vintage ~ I imagine folks thinking it’s this old musty place with a lot of knick-knack clutter…long drapes….and dark paneled walls.…. Heavens no.

Collecting Vintage is much like Art… make it yours.  See things differently.  Change things up.  

uncle joes chicken 2 - Copy

Typically I have an idea in mind and somewhat of a list when I am hunting for Vintage….but sometimes I happen upon unexpected treasures and the wheels start turning in my head….or I have a moment when I see a treasure from far far far away in a warehouse and I run like I am heading for the finish line at a 5K just to grab it!

That is exactly what happened when I saw this ‘frame’on the mantel……it was at one time a mirror on-top of a large dresser, but what I saw was a perfect frame for on the mantel…..and yes I won the 5K that day. 

…funny in my head I was thinking everyone spotted this at the same time and wanted it ~ I really raced toward it and grabbed it fast and raced right to the check-out.

I must admit…the first ‘picture’ in my head was to paint it, but once I got it home and scrubbed it…..I knew I just couldn’t paint it, just like the chair (here), some things are better left unpainted, and this was one of them.  A little hemp oil by Miss Mustard Seed and she cleaned up beautifully!

So when hunting for Vintage….have ideas, have a list ~ but go prepared to find things and make them yours with a whole different purpose!  You never know what you will find, but you will know ‘it’ when you see ‘it’, trust me

There have been regrets of things I purchased and regrets of things I left behind….but it is all part of the fun.

This vintage ‘frame’ worked beautifully for the purpose I intended from the very first glance….to frame Classic Chalk Art on the mantel!

Uncle Joes Chicken 3 - Copy

…..And then the Classic Chalk Art

Inside the beautiful dresser mirror made ‘frame’ ~ I was picturing something for Autumn, since it was the only Season I didn’t have anything specific for the Mantel….so why not Classic Chalk Art!

…and yes, the framed piece can be changed out.

Classic Chalk Art was created by ‘me’ for the Tamaqua Art Center and for you to create!  Read about it (here)….try it out (here) for Free!

I super-sized ‘Uncle Joe’s Chicken‘ for this piece….went big.

It turned out perfect!

Uncle Joes Chicken 4 - Copy

Here are a few of my favorite Classic Chalk Art pieces….found (here).

Find yourself a vintage ‘frame’ and try your hand a Classic Chalk Art…make it yours~go big….and Enjoy!


Coming Soon ~ It’s all in the Presentation, Vintage & Walmart, Bedroom Re-do, Creating Everyday Vignettes, Gingerbread Gift Tags, Ol’ Lumber Santa

12 thoughts on “Classic Chalk Art goes Big….and Vintage

  1. Susie says:

    What a perfect piece. It’s gorgeous. It is exciting when you spot that “piece” and the sprint begins. Love your style of decorating and always look forward to seeing some behind the scenes pics. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Jerry was with me…..I left him in my dust! Always fun to spot some hidden treasure and get all googly eyed over it….love shopping vintage! Thank you Susie!🙂

  2. What a beautiful accent to your beautiful home! Yes – sometimes we just find the perfect accent piece. It may look different when we first see it, but the ‘vision in our head’ realizes the potential of what it could be. Your vision was perfect on this! I absolutely love it! Thanks so much for sharing! <3

    1. So glad I can see things for what they can be….it worked perfectly for this piece and saved another cast off from the dumpster! Thank u!

  3. The frame on the mantel is perfect and your chicken is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Effie! He was fun to create…..even super sized!

  4. Love the frame and your chicken looks great in it.

    1. Thank you! It worked out nicely and just fit!

  5. Lynn says:

    Stunning Amy. Just stunning.

    Lynn Meadows


    1. OMG I love it and I love vintage. I know who’s helping me when we are ready to decorate!! 🙂

      1. We can go ‘junkin’ together! Would be fun!

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