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I find myself getting excited over the cutest homespun handmade things, like this little Gingerbread Sweetness Garland.…..maybe longing for simpler times.

This Classic Chalk Art Ginger would be happy as a garland wrapped around the tree, a simply made ornament or a gift tag for a tin of sweets for a special someone.

gingers 3

Simply created with a few supplies… you see that worksheet in the above photo?, yep that was mine from 45 years ago.  I got all the answers right if you were checking Mom.

back to topic.

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As a special treat to you, I have prepared a line drawing, a supply list with a few instructions and a video about creating the Classic Chalk Art~Gingerbread.

Gather Your Supplies

140lb Coldpress Watercolor Paper, DecoArt Forest Green, Arbor Green, Shale Green, and Light Buttermilk, Basic Painting Supplies and the following Prisma Color Pencils~Burnt Ochre, Mineral Orange, Salmon Pink, Prussian Green, Poppy Red, Orange, French Grey 10%, White and Black, also a hole punch, scissors and of course baker’s twine.

Take a look at the video… you’re gonna like Classic Chalk sorry it is sideways, I just could not figure out how to flip it, lol!

Paint the watercolor paper ~ both sides in Forest Green, then ‘distress’ Arbor Green and then less of Shale Green… can see a video here  (facebook group video) on the technique.  It is to look like an erased chalkboard.

Then transfer your design (here) and begin to pencil the outside edges with Burnt Ochre, followed by Mineral Orange then less of Salmon Pink….moving your pencil in circles with light pressure, leaving some of the background showing to create the Classic Chalk Art look.  Once completed add the eyes and buttons in Black.  The icing and mouth French Grey 10%, hi-lighted with White.  The nose is Poppy Red, then less of Orange.  

Pop a hi-light with a stylus and Light Buttermilk paint to the nose and eyes!

Shade if needed around the outside of the Ginger, Prussian Green.

Cut around the outside with scissors (add White pencil to outer edge for extra chalkboard cuteness), punch a hole in the top, string baker’s twine …. and make as many as you like!

makin friends 2

Homespun Gingerbread Sweetness….for sure!

If you enjoyed this method ~ check out the Classic Chalk Art patterns available only on this blog thru Classic Amy Joanne, here.

You can read more about Classic Chalk Art, here.

Or watch a how-to video with free pattern, here.

gingers 5

Hope your season is filled with love, hope, joy and Gingerbread Sweetness!



Coming Soon ~  It’s all in the Presentation, Hope and Coffee, Are You Looking For Me?, Small Town Living, Homespun~Heartfelt & Handmade

6 thoughts on “Gingerbread Sweetness ~ Garland

  1. Paula says:

    I love Gingers and Chalk n Chew

    1. Hi Paula!!! 🙂❤️
      Thank uuuuu

  2. Thank you for both the pattern and the tutorial. 🙂 I love this cute little design! <3

    1. You’re very welcome! Makes up quick!

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