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This year is a little different, with a few unexpected life changes (here) and turning ’50’, yes I said ’50’ years of age. ~ I decided to simplify ‘Christmas’ this year… not forever, just this year.  I love my stuff too much, I doubt it will ever be easy for me to downsize.  But I opted for stress free decorating…..keepin’ it simple, just because.

My heart is still open to all things warm, home-y and celebrating Christmas.

Welcome to our home and all the Holiday Touches to our Everyday decor ~ 2018

ht 2018 8

Santa is always at home above the fireplace.  He is one of the few projects I have painted on canvas.  He is taken from an ol’ Shirley Wilson design. He is about 3′ high and 2′ wide….and framed in gold.

HT 2018

We took a road trip to Elderth Pottery in Lancaster Pa this past summer….and found this pretty chicken (can a chicken be pretty ?), he is perched on a windowsill above the sink.   The colors go beautifully with our home….ya know, blue and all.  A little green is added for a Holiday Touch… the everyday.

ht 2018 4

….just couldn’t pass up this Snowman pottery at Elderth…..who would right?

ht 2018 6

I found another angle with the camera to take a photo (this is no easy task without squishing yourself against a wall)….this is looking from our living space into our dining room….the built in hutch is original to the house, I need to touch up with some paint and new hardware…..but I love it just the same.

Greens have been tucked in here and there, keepin’ it simple.

ht 2018 7

The above tiny tea-cup was a fun find while antiquing…such a pretty piece of ironstone with not only a design in green on the outside rim, but there is a farm scene all the way around the inside of the cup……It’s the little things.  It fits nicely with the greens tucked around it.

ht 2018 2
ht 2018 3

… you not love this 25C shop keepers price tag in red?  It is fitting for my vintage Christmas décor, found on Etsy.


I have learned it is ok to step back once in a while, regroup….and just enjoy.  Whether it is an all out themed Chevy Chase Christmas….or just a simple candle in the window.  We are all celebrating the Reason for the season.


Here is a little sneak peek at an upcoming blog post ‘It’s all in the Presentation’.

ht 2018 5

Hang in there with me… much creative fun ahead.

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and have a Merry Little Christmas

Coming Up Next ~ It’s All in the Presentation, It’s a Wrap, Homespun & Handmade Gifts

14 thoughts on “Holiday Touches to the Everyday 2018

  1. Shelly MCATEER says:

    Beautiful. I too am simplifing this year!

    1. …..enjoy! I miss some treasure, but enjoying the simple-ness

  2. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    I, too, have decorated with all my favorite “findings” that I have collected over the years. Like saying hello to old friends when I open the storage boxes!

    1. I love that….like saying ‘hello’ to an old friend! ….it sure is! Merry Christmas!

  3. Janet E. Roache says:

    Everything looks so inviting! I love it! I am really thinking since we are only a few hours apart that a road trip in going to be in my future! Merry Christmas!

    1. I would absolutely love that! I am planning a three day seminar in July….shopping and eating are part of it, lol….keep that in mind! Merry Christmas my friend!

  4. Barbara J Adams says:

    Sweet Amy,
    I live taking a peek at your vintage treasures. Vintage makes me feel warm and comfortable. When you touch up the hutch, please don’t get rid of the hardware. It looks like the old, black metal hardware I like to repurpose on so many things. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Looking forward to an exciting 2019.

    1. Merry Christmas Barbara! So much to look forward to in 2019….vintage love for sure!

  5. Deborah Hegarty says:

    Love the simplicity of my holiday as well. I find as I age, all the stuff really doesn’t matter. Each year I shed some more items and with that my “load” lessens. What is important is that I’m not stressed and pressured. Beautiful photos, and welcome to the 5-0 club!

    1. 50! I am so happy to make it! Thank you Deborah…I love my ‘stuff’ ….but shedding a little makes room for more right! Merry Christmas!

  6. Your home looks lovely. It is fun to get your pretty things out and decorate for the holidays.

    1. I do miss my ‘things’ but there is always other years….right now it is just a little more simpler…thank you friend!

  7. Good morning, my talented friend! I also noticed that as I get a little bit (ahem!) older, I like things simpler and stress-free. It doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy the holidays and have beautiful presentations, but it does lend you to doing so on your own terms. Doing what makes YOU happy, comfortable and at peace. I love your approach to taking things on, as well as your approach to life. As someone who is “a bit” further over that hill of 50, I have learned to embrace what I have learned up to this point in my life and enjoy all the GOOD things to come. <3 you! Sheila

    1. My approach is getting a bit rusty, lol! Thank you Sheila….yes, so many new fun things are coming! Merry Christmas!

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