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valentine 18

I’ve been makin’ snow friends….for many reasons

To complete a pattern with step by step photos and video for you to enjoy and for the ‘Merry Maker’s Market’! (More about the Market soon…..)

valentine 12

and yet another reason  ….because I  have created my first ‘Classic Curated Shopping Vignette’ including my new snow friends ….I talked about this new idea (here), and will talk more about it in the next post. 

valentine 2

I am excited about all the possibilities with my new snow friends…..even makin’ one into a very special Angel for the Market……with his heart in his pocket too.

valentine 7

 If  you’re a facebook follower (…are we friends yet?) and were wondering about the noodle box on my work table (image below)…..if you guessed right ~ it was to create sculpted wings for my snow friend!

noodle box

Each friend also has a little charm or two…one being my new signature tag… still my heart.  along with a denim scarf….because what else is there.

valentine 23
valentine 24


I learned sculpting and co-authored a book with Wendy Young ~  visit her Etsy shop ~ you will definitely see how I got hooked on sculpting, visit (here).

My good friend and co-author of a book ~ Jane Allen of Jane Allen Creates is also a whimsical painter and sculpting friend….she has a new ‘line’ of patterns with Shara Reiner called ‘Shara Jane’ ~ check them out (here).

Each one of us having our own unique Artful style.


valentine 19

The pattern for ‘Happy Snowman’ is available to you ~ here.  Each pattern will come with a supply list, instructions and step by step images, along with photos.  And as a special treat a  ‘how-to’ video will be sent via email… will be makin’ snow friends in no time!

Can’t wait to see your new Snow Friends…be sure to share on our FaceBook Group ‘Create with Classic Amy Joanne’!

valentine 21

To all my creative maker friends ~  enjoy makin’ Happy Snowman Friends. 

And to those or wish for a keepsake Snow Friend…..they will be available to you thru the Merry Maker’s Market ~ coming soon!

valentine 8

Keep Warm, Think Snow Friends and ~ Enjoy!


This post is part of a ‘bigger’ post…..there were so many parts and pieces ~ I had to create several fun posts instead of one! Get ready for a Classic Curated Valentine Vignette ~ up next! ……and if you missed it….enjoy Doodlin’ Sweet Cookies (here) and All About Denim (here).

12 thoughts on “Makin’ Snow Friends

  1. Lisa Boivin says:

    These are sweet Amy. I’m not sure that I’m ready to venture into sculpting but I sure wouldn’t mind a collection of these sweethearts, classic charm and all. ⛄️ I look forward to finding out what the Merry Maker’s Market is about.

  2. barbnotatwork says:

    Dear Amy,You have convinced me to venture out of my comfort zone and try sculpting. I am a little nervous but also excited. Please send me the happy snowman pattern. This will be the only way I will be able to build a snowman in north texas!!!Thank you,Barbara

    Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

    1. Sure thing Barbara! I promise they won’t melt! You’re just gonna love it! Thank you

  3. Patricia Heffernan says:

    These are the cutest, happiest snow people! Such fun!

    1. Thank you! They play nice together 🙂❤️

  4. They are incredibly adorable! 🙂 I love them! <3 Great blog, my friend!

    1. Thank you my friend! I looooooved making these sweet snow friends!

  5. Very cute, love the personalized charm. It’s all about the branding!

    1. Yep….lovin the details! Always fun!🙂❤️

  6. Tracy Jeanne says:

    oh my goodness LOVE the charm!!!!

    1. Thank you…..working on all my embellishments and packaging! Way fun!

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