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Here we are the very first ~ Classic Curated Vignette 

A place to ~ Shop ~ Learn ~ Discover

valentine 20

let me introduce you to the idea

Ya know those magazine images ~ the pages to droooool over  ~ the very page you spot a nice plate, a colorful sofa or a fun idea….and then you quickly go to the ‘shopping guide’ in the back of the magazine to find out where to find the goods?……well this is kinda like that.

A Vignette will be created and shared along with all ‘the goods’ information ~  where to purchase, order, find…with links, recipes and locations!  Well, you get the picture… pun intended, lol!

The images will have retail, vintage and handmade….maybe even a recipe or two!

This is all about a love for selecting, organizing, merchandising, presenting, photographing, and sharing home and art!

All with cottage style, a little homespun charm with a touch of whimsy.

valentine 25

a special category will be created for the Vignettes to reference back to

‘Classic Curated Vignettes’


Now that the introductions are over…..let’s get started!

Classic Curated Vignette ~ Denim Blue Valentine

valentine 20

A Handmade and Heartfelt Denim Blue Valentine Garland ~ a sculpted 4″ paper mache heart painted in Denim Blues with a touch of subtle glitter strung onto wire with denim fabric pieces…about 20″ long….made by my hands. (sold)

Check out the recent post (here) about Denim to learn more!  Create your own  heart with Jane Allen (here).


Do you like chippy chippy chippy paint on vintage frames?  I enjoyed creating the Milk Painted vintage blue chippies on this frame….and the frame itself is pretty awesome….use it for a chalkboard, corkboard or frame a favorite painting!

Here is a closer look

valentine 3

available to you below ↓ Sold


valentine 2

Lovin’ my new friends ~ the Happy Snowman!  The two bigger fellas found new homes but the little guy needs a friend….(sold)

…or build your own happiness….pattern available (here) and (here).


The set of 3 round willow trays were purchased thru Antique Farm House.  I like to switch up my décor using them in different ways.  Purchase a set for your décor with the link below.

…..and as for the linens and ironstone.  They were found vintage hunting with my besties.  Grab a bestie and spend the day….start your collection!

The twine was purchased at a Vintage Market ~ if searching for good twine,  be mindful of the weight.  I typically search Etsy.

The denim background fabric (and scarves on snowmen)  from the Home Décor Fabric selection at Joann’s.

valentine 5


Did you miss the ‘doodlin’ on sweet cookies‘ post?  Check out how to create and make these sweet cookies….personalize to your liking!…click (here).

valentine 9

Have a Happy Denim Blue Valentine’s Day!

That’s a wrap……..Enjoy Shopping ‘Classic Curated Vignettes’!


This post is the final part of a ‘bigger’ post…..there were so many parts and pieces, I had to create several fun posts instead of one!  And if you missed it….enjoy Doodlin’ Sweet Cookies (here), Makin’ Snow Friends (here) and All About Denim (here).


Coming Soon: Minimal Shminimal ~ Life after the ‘Hiccup’ ~ On The Farm Snow Globes ~ Santa Baubles Retreat

4 thoughts on “Classic Curated Vignette| Denim Blue Valentine

  1. Caroline says:

    Love your vignette idea Amy, and especially all your goodies. =) Beautiful!

    1. Thank you Caroline! Sooooo much fun to put together🙂

  2. Wow…if you only knew how much I love anything denim! My sofa and loveseat are covered in denim (part of that was necessary as my husband’s denim jeans over time get rubbed onto any light fabric).

    Love this project for a whole lot of other reasons as well!

    Pat/The Sunflower Cupboard

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    1. Thank you for sharing….your furniture sounds awesome to me! Love having friends with the same interests! Thank u for liking!❤️💙👖🧵🙂

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