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shade 5

As with any DIY’er family, we work thru each space as time and money allows.  Whether taking on a whole room, or taking it in bite size pieces……or simply just finishing up on small projects that have been looming on your list.

This project kinda falls under all 3 categories.  It has been a work in progress ‘whole room’ for 10 years …..pretty funny huh, it is a bite size piece to the whole picture….and it is simply a small project that has been on the list of things to do.

change the lamp shades

It should have been a simple switch.  But it wasn’t.  4 trips to Bed Bath and Beyond and Target to purchase and return 4 different shades.  The ‘white’ of 2 of the shades and the ‘size’ of the other 2 ~ did not work in this space.

So ~ I put my thinking cap on and did what every DIY’er does.  Find a solution and make it myself.

shade 2

As seen thru many of the DIY’er blogs I follow ~ Creating slip covers and pillows and curtains from a simple canvas drop cloth, is a thing.  So why not a lamp shade.  It will provide the softness I was looking for.  Will look homespun.  And I have the supplies and know how.

Here is how it came together

Wash, Dry and Press the drop cloth.  Lay the existing shade on top of the dropcloth and with a pencil (while rolling the shade) draw the shade outline along top and bottom.  Cut and glue the top and bottom edge with hot glue to the existing shade.  Trim excess from top and bottom and along edges and seam.

Then adhere fabric trim to top, bottom and seam with hot glue.

Add shade to lamp.


  Much Better.

Swing arm lamping….. Classic Cottage Style.

Below image is before and after.

shade 4

The master bedroom is coming along ~ More DIY projects to share ~ curtain trim, pillow choices, milk painted furniture and décor changes.

shade 3

Do you not just love the quilted bolster pillow?  More to come…..

What is on your DIY list?


Coming Soon: Minimal Shminimal, Pillow Talk, Curtain Trim, Santa Baubles Retreat, Being a Part of Community, Classic Chalk Art Portraits, and Classic Amy Joanne goes Retail

6 thoughts on “Shed Some Light – Bedroom

  1. I wind up doing much of my deco myself. Sometimes I am fortunate enough to see in a store what I ‘envisioned’ in my head, but that is rare. I don’t get out as much to shop, although online shopping has helped a lot. Coming from Chicago to rural Nova Scotia really tamped down my trips to actual stores.

    When we moved to the larger house we rent now, there were tons of projects to do. We had a 3-month wait from the time we found the place until we could move in so we measured every room and planned out our furniture, fabrics, etc by drawing scale floor plans. I found a fabric supplier online that sent swatches, and that helped too. It was fun but exhausting and as you say – it had to be implemented one thing at a time.

    I love this series of how you are decorating your home. It is inspiring and so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your projects, too. I am sure many will love to try your methods! <3

    1. Thank you for sharing Sheila! Like you I am not a ‘shopping’ kinda girl….but give me an antique market and a home improvement or ‘craft’ store and my heart and mind go crazy with ideas!

  2. Looks good. My mother recovered lamp shades when I was a kid and it seemed like a lot of work….you made it easy by covering the existing shade. I remember those shades…they were a soft pink. My mom was a red girl, but she must have liked pink too…..we even had a pink kitchen at one time.

    1. Pink must have been a ‘gene’….you got it! A pink kitchen sounds so trendy!

  3. Barb Jones says:

    Love this! I think I’ll try it too!

    1. Good ol’ drop cloth….so many uses🙂🙄😉

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