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The craft of ‘Snow Globe’ making has been around the block a few times ~ to make my own version of this classic craft ~  I added Classic Chalk Art.  I think you’re gonna love it!

A few years back, while attending a Miss Mustard Seed Workshop, her assistant Kristy created the simplest snow globe with a ball jar, a cow and ‘snow’.  Marian also created a larger type ‘snow globe‘  made with a cloche cover, a bread board, gingerbread, powdered sugar and a cast iron cow ~ thru the Miss Mustard Seed Blog (here) and (here)   .  I just adore each one…..but then again, I adore Miss Mustard Seed!  Her Blog is filled with inspiration!

cow 5

 Start by collecting jars, a lotta jars…. friends have been eating lots of salsa and yogurt to add to my collection of jars….Thank You Sharon and Allison, lol!

  I also found myself shopping the grocery isles for the jars themselves and not for the content.  Crazy as that isSilly Jerry actually thinking we were going to use those funny flavored pickles.

~ then create ~

To create a Chalk Art background ~ paint 140lb coldpress watercolor paper with Deco Art Chalkboard Paint, then distress with Deco Art Graphite and Neutral Grey Paint ~ then create a farm design with Colored Pencils ~ cut around the edges of design and slip into the inside of the glass jar.  For inspiration I have attached a few ideas (here)The barn idea was created with the same technique and colors as Farm Fresh Snow Globe Chalk Art Pattern found (here)Add a simple note to the backside of each.

As a side note ~ If you are not familiar with Classic Chalk Art ~ there are many posts about what it is, how it came about, videos and free patterns too!  Check out the ‘free patterns category‘ for more information.  

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cow 6

 Adhere the plastic, rubber or cast iron farm animals to the inside bottom of the lid with crazy glue, then add pieces of natural raffia (for straw) at their feet adhering with crazy glue.  When dry, apply DecoArt Decoupage Matte to the bottom of the jar and sprinkle a mix of epsom salt and white glitter.

Be sure the glitter mix does not come up to their knees….yikes!

cow 7
cow 8

Turn the glass jar right side up, sprinkle in the snow mix for falling snow and then twist the lid on (the animals will be upside down at this point) ~ line up the Chalk Art pattern with the animals.

Flip jar upside down with the lid now on the bottom ~ to let the snow mix fall ~ Embelish just above the lid by adding a denim ribbon, bakers twine and a cow bell for a fun touch!

cow 1

As I say…..the possibilities are endless.

cow 4

I already have an idea for a Christmas Snow Globes….with a little sculpting too!

cow 9
cow 10

you know those cute little yogurt jars…..well, turn one upside down onto a piece of  painted cardboard and add tiny chickens… stinkin’ cute!

cow 11
cow 12

Add your Snow Globe to a window ledge, what a fun way to add a Farmhouse Touch your home.



Coming Soon ~ Cellar Hutch and Vintage Lighting, Hippity Hoppity Wreath, Fancy Sprinkles Birthday Fun, A Holiday Welcome Wreath Series, Preparing for Friday Girls.

2 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Snow Globe|Classic Copy

  1. So the barn is BEHIND the glass and OUTSIDE the jar?!? How clever! 😀 I so love your blogs, Amy! What a great inspiration you are to so many of us! I can’t wait to see your Christmas ideas, too. Wonderful! 😀

    Thank you for sharing your creativity with us all! <3

    1. The barn is inside the jar, mmmm better look at how I worded that one! Thank you Sheila…..I also get inspired by so many bloggers, including you! It is a fun world to be a part of…lovin’ the journey!

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