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cellar hutch 12

There isn’t much I recall about that day….the day I spotted the ‘red hutch’ at a local antique shop ~ I was immediately drawn to the red hutch sitting at the back of the shop, and simply could not get it out of my thoughts.  The World went about its business and I was fixated on the hutch.

It was at the pop up shop location, I was there to pick out a display piece for my work during the Christmas season…..and all I could think about was this amazing handmade hutch.  I of course ~ instantly claimed it as my display piece during the shop hours and then purchased it afterwards~ and like everything I purchase I thought, oh boy…..where am I going to place it, I will have some explaining to do.

It was the red color and the handmade nature that drew me in.  But with all things ‘blue’ in my home ~ the color had to be changed, but I kept all the handmade details.

cellar hutch 13
cellar hutch 11

The color is ‘Flow Blue‘ from Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.  Adding Bonding Agent to be sure the red enamel paint would cover.  It took 2 nice layers of paint and then finished with Tough Coat once it dried.

Read more about Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint (here).

cellar hutch

 the interior is painted with ‘ironstone’ ~ adding a  fun touch of Chalk Board too, using DecoArt Chalkboard Black…..because chalkboard is my thing.

cellar hutch 3

After painting the chalkboard background, I rubbed chalk over the entire surface then erasing to ‘season it’…‘seasoning’ is a thing ~ ask anyone.   I then played around with a  vintage chalkboard ‘line maker’…….the fun was out control.

cellar hutch 1

While painting this piece….I thought about the family whom may have owned it and made it ~ probably to meet a need or fill a purpose, possibly to house canned goods in the cellar.  Even with its hand-made features, the maker took the time to add decorative details such as the dental moulding across the top.

Keeping the original knobs and paint splattered hardware too.

that’s where my heart goes pitter patter…..

ah, the cellar hutch.

cellar hutch 5

there are a lot of imperfections that might drive someone crazy, but for my Studio…. it is all part of the charm.

The Cellar Hutch has a new home.

cellar hutch 4
cellar hutch 10
cellar hutch 7

Stylin’ the piece was fun too and I cannot wait to put it to use for Studio classes and fall photos…..just picture a few scattered jack-b-littles in orange and white….oh boy.


If you have been following along on FaceBook, you may have heard me mention finding vintage light shades at ‘Vintage 61’ to add to my Studio.  The green shade color works nicely with all the blue, white and wood tones.

Jerry made it happen.

cellar hutch 9

Fitting perfectly in the space and freeing up floor space from lamps….making it feel open and visually clean ~ well as clean as I can keep a Studio.

We added 3 light cord kits to a single mount, then added 2 hooks to the ceiling to drop each or the 3 cords.  Each was then covered with chain ~ and then covered with a hand-made drop cloth cord cover.

If I can find an easy way around sewing, I will.  I cut strips then secured with velcro over the chain.  🙂

cellar hutch 8

The Studio is coming together nicely.  One more dresser to paint, chairs to paint, an easel to paint and a few more things to hang on the wall.

I cannot wait to see it completed….but at the same time I enjoy the process of making the space and don’t want to see it end.

cellar hutch 2

Would you like to learn more about painting with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint?

Join us for a workshop at the Tamaqua Art Center on May 4th ~ Create a 5 peg peg-rack with detail filigree…….painting and waxing.

Choose your own color from the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Line

m 2
Got Milk Paint May 4
cellar hutch 6

…..and just look at that cool stool on casters!  a fun junk pickin’ find.  I gave it a good scrubbing and I am thinking of adding a vintage linen cushion too.

Part of the charm of vintage shopping is being able to see the finished piece in your mind before you purchase it, up cycling, making old new again, creating a new purpose.

Would you have passed by this hutch for your Studio?


Coming Soon ~ Bunny Wreath Classic Curated Vignette, When a Best Friend Asks, Pesky Bear Milk Painted Basket, and Shop Cottage Classic at Studio 895 is open!!

13 thoughts on “Cellar Hutch and Vintage Lighting

  1. This came out so beautiful! At first I saw the RED and thought, “Why would Amy want RED? That isn’t her style?” THEN , I actually READ the post and YES!! I love the blue! It is lovely and look so wonderful with your decor! What a nice transformation! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. <3 Sheila

    1. Thank you Sheila…the Red did attract me to it maybe because it was Christmas….but oh that Blue melts my heart ❤️!

  2. Eva says:

    Oh my! Your transformation of the hutch is just beautiful! You have such a talent for decorating and restoring old pieces…and a photographer’s eye, too, to boot! Just lovely!!

    1. Thank you for your kind compliment! Even for an ol’ cellar hutch ~ it turned into a happy beautiful piece! ❤️

  3. lbarbadora says:

    This piece makes my HEART skip a beat……I just love it!

    1. Aaahh thank u…..funny thing is I am almost done the room and I should be happy…..but I wil miss the projects and dreaming about the design!

  4. darlene says:

    You are an “old soul” in a teenager with all of the ideas, creativity, & energy in that body & mind of yours. Wish we lived a little closer. Miss you. darlene

    1. Miss you too! Gosh, energy…not so sure about! But Thank uuuuu

  5. Ellie says:

    Beautiful…cant wait to see it in your studio.
    You are so creative.
    Loving the lights too.. I’m excited!!!!

    1. It’s all coming together! Makin’ Pretties! Thank uuu

  6. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    The blue color fits it just right…it was just wishing to be useful again! The chalkboard is a nice touch, too.

    1. Thank you…’s like playing dress up❤️…..

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