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 There is no stopping you ~ you know who you are ~ the passionate creative one with an idea….yep you’re the one.

A sure first sign that a creative idea has popped into my head is ~ you will find me scrambling for something to write it down or sketch it out, and I am pretty sure if you’re around I am not listening to a word your saying, but will be politely nodding as if I am listening….and then I am pretty sure my Studio will become a whirlwind of tools, paint and supplies being scattered.  ~  For my idea is like a ball in a pinball machine, being batted back and forth.

Sound familiar?

happies 2

Let me share an example of how a creative mind works and how ‘The Robin’ came to be.

watch the pinball…..

One never knows what triggers an idea….it could be an object seen or discovered, a memory of a past school day or just something that pops in mind while driving to Church.  ‘The Robin’ came about for a need to create something ‘Spring-like’.  Robins are a first sign of Spring, so why not….did you know that the skinny ones are males and the chubby ones are female?


 How about a Robin in Classic Chalk Art Style?  Sounds like fun to me!  The sketching began and thoughts of what surface could be created.

hemmmm, let’s do a class and include the plant!  Oh’ wouldn’t it be neat to create a basket with milk paint for the plant. Sometimes I think my hobby is really organizing and planning everything, lol!

…, paddle, ping.

A call to our local woodcutter was next ~ ‘Hey, can you do a cut out on a dowel stick?‘ This would make a great plant stick ….for the plant. ~ Cut 20 please.

Search on-line for the perfect sized basket to stain and paint for the plant stick.

Order baskets, stain baskets. paint baskets.

Pick up wood order.  Thank you Roger.

hemmmmm, how will the plant stick stand  for the photo without the actual plant?  Oh, I know ~  Boxwood picks…..I love boxwood.  I have boxwood picks.

…ping, paddle, ping.

Create ‘Robin Plant Stick’ from sketches ~ decide on pencils for Classic Chalk Art Style.

Plan layout and photograph ‘The Robin’ for the pattern and for a blog post.

Type and print pattern.  Create line drawing. Order photos.  Assemble patterns.  Do I need more covers and sleeves?  Place an order.

….ping, paddle, ping.

Plan and create class flyer.  Send to The Art Center.  Run ads weekly.

Gather supplies for class and prep.  Order more Chalkboard Paint.  Make sure I have enough brushes!  What about the pencils?

Set Up and Host Class.  Always Fun!

Write a Blog Post… blogging!

Finally ~ add to the shop at 895 Studio ‘Cottage Classics‘ ~ for sale!

ping, paddle, score, tilt!


One idea leads to a fun piece, a pattern, a class, a photograph, a how-to, a blog post, and to the shop…..endless fun from just one idea! 

And if you have a creative mind ~ you already know…… You have your very own pinball machine.

happies 3
happies 5

With the excitement of the First Sign of Spring ~ Here is a collection of goods to create your very own ‘Robin Plant Stick’.

Click below to receive a 6×5 stained basket to paint, 2 boxwood picks, an unfinished wood robin/dowel and Classic Chalk Art Robin pattern ~ only $25 with shipping!

until supplies last.

Robin Chalk Art Goods

6×5 Stained Basket, 2 Boxwood Picks, Unfinished Wood Robin/Dowel Stick, and Pattern ~ includes $5.00 shipping.


Would you like to purchase additional supplies?

6×5 Stained Basket

6×5 stained basket ~ ready for painting ~ includes $3.00 shipping.


Two Boxwood Picks

Two Boxwood Picks – includes $3.00 shipping.


Unfinished Robin Plant Stick w/ Dowel

unfinished Robin Plant Stick w/ Dowel ~ includes $3.00 shipping


Classic Chalk Art Robin Pattern

Classic Chalk Art Robin Pattern – supply list, instruction, line drawing and photos – free shipping until 5/15/19.


happies 4

Are you a creative thinker?  Do your ideas play around like a ball in a pinball machine?

Enjoy Creating….Happy Spring!


check this out……a new pattern is coming!  Classic Chalk Art ~ it’s my thing.


Coming Soon ~ When A Best Friend Asks, The Mural, Being a Part of Community, Since the Hiccup, #RecipeCardProject, and Ramon Noodles and One Ply TP!

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  1. I love this little guy! He makes a fun and easy project! 🙂

    1. Sure does! 🙂thank uuuu

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