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Our Moms ~  they all have their go-to recipes, made quick and easy ~ for an after school treat or a packed lunch.  These recipes are passed down between generations….and taste a lot like home when made all-grown-up

mom 7

On the brink of ’51’….I have been spending a lot of time living in my memories.   Visiting memories…..makes a girl smile.  Often times my hubby and I will watch sit-coms such as ‘that 70’s show’ and reminisce about our younger years.  It really isn’t about the comedy of the show ~ but looking at the show with the past in our minds….such as the kodak shack shop, the record store, their kitchen decor, corded phones, eating at the table, basement hang-outs, serving tv-dinners and tang drink mix.

I enjoy making our Moms go-to recipes when longing for ‘home’ or thinking of the past.  They sure do taste like home…..revisiting the good ol’ days.

For my hubby’s Mom it was pudding cups ~ made by placing graham crackers in the bottom of the cup, then sliced bananas then pudding.  (Using Paula Deens Homemade Chocolate Pudding Recipe.)  

Most of my memories of his Mom are in the kitchen, making favorites for her family.

mom 3
mom 6

For my Mom…it was chocolate chip snack cake.  She tells me there is an applesauce version….but being a chocolate girl ~ I only remember this.

ahhhh memories..… of opening my lunch with my peanut butter (sprinkled with sugar) sandwich and snack cake….thanks Mom.

mom 4

here is the recipe….

remember writing recipe cards?  This one was written about 30 years ago ~ from my Mom’s cards to mine.

mom 2

My Mom tells me she would mix it in the same pan she would bake it.  Doesn’t get any easier than this.  Perfect for a Mom of 4 kids….each 2 years apart.

mom 8
mom 5

Do you have recipes from your Mom that bring back memories of the past….and taste like home?

We always knew when Uncle Jimmy was coming home to my Nana’s….homemade pot pie was on the stove along with a chocolate cake in the oven.  Good Times.

If you make Mom’s Snackin’ Cake….throw some extra chocolate chips in….I do. (notice there is no measurement on the chips ~ Amy’s version, lol).


PS ~ Happy Mother’s Day!


Coming Soon ~ A New Painting Series!, When A Best Friend Asks, The Mural, Shopping Cart, #RecipeCardProject and Cookie Swap Party

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