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You’ve seen ’em, The Gingerbread Houses made of paper bags on Pinterest. It is certainly a quick fun craft to create with friends ~ during a cookie swap party, an evening with your family or even while waiting for cookies to bake ~ makes a wonderful sweet gift too!

Gather some basic supplies….brown paper lunch sacks, scissors, a hole puncher, matching tissue paper, baker’s twine and a white marker or pen, The Uni-ball Signo in White works perfect!

To Create The Gingerbread House Gift Bags ~ First adjust your ‘roof line’ by snipping off the top of the bag to the desired height. Then fold the top down on each side to make a roof peak. While this is folded down ~ punch two holes in each side for the twine to pass thru.

Before you place the twine thru, create your gingerbread house! Add window, doors, mailboxes, pets, candles, snow, and shrubs ~ create until your hearts content ~ maybe just like your home or a friends! All simply created with the white marker to look like icing!

Change it up by adding paint, glitter, paint writers, puffy paint, colored pencil, and even fun colors!~ how about a sweet message to the back side.

Told ya they were gonna be fun!

Finish with a hand stamped gift tag, then add matching tissue paper and don’t forget the baker’s twine!

The Classic Cling Rubber Stamp ‘Gingerbread’ would be perfect for the gift tag, insert wink.

This sweet gingerbread stamp can be found here!

An embossing ink pad and embossing powder in white work great for the stamp! First ‘ink’ the stamp, sprinkle the embossing powder over the design and heat it up with a heat gun ~ and you will have the sweetest matching gift tag! Punch a hole in the tag and string thru the twine.

Please share your finished gingerbread houses thru our Facebook Group ‘Create with Classic Amy Joanne’!

Here is a quick little how-to video!

Don’t forget to add the cookies!

Makin’ them Gingerbread Homes ~ not just houses.

What a sweet little gift for a friend… Enjoy!


Coming Soon ~ Fancy Plates at Christmas, Homespun, Heartfelt and Handmade, It’s all in the Presentation, Making a Christmas Card and so much more!

4 thoughts on “Gingerbread Gift House Bags & Tags

  1. Debbi says:

    I just made these cute paper bag houses this morning! Wrapping for friends at work…so much fun to make and real quick!!

    1. They are super quick and oh so cute! Thank you for sharing….share pics if you can!

  2. Lisa says:

    What a great idea and simple enough to do this with my granddaughter who loves to craft. The trick is to save the cookies for the inside of the bags 😋. Thanks for sharing this Amy. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

    1. What an awesome craft to create with your granddaughter ….sure to create sweet memories for her too❤️🙂 happy Thanksgiving 🦃

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