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Welcome to the bunny patch

This is a fun filled post with lots to create and do ~ a gift for you this Easter!

Create a homespun clay pot with a how-to video, a dessert prepared with basic ingredients and oh-so cute!, with scrap booking paper gifts and favors, a free pattern to ‘hold your seat at the bunny patch’ with a complete how-to video and place setting ideas too!

sooooo, let’s hop to it!

Creating a Homespun Clay Pot

Make a boring ol’ clay pot a little more interesting with Quickwood! Just by adding a simple scalloped border it added a whole-lotta homespun charm. Click below and enjoy a how-to video!

Supplies are noted in the video as needed.

Can you imagine the possibilities just by adding sculpting clay? Makes for a fun place setting or centerpiece!


And how about that ‘Carrot Patch’ dessert?

Making a ‘Carrot Patch’ Dessert

This dessert is extra sweet and can be made super simple with store bought pre-made items or completely from scratch with on-hand ingredients….and the assembly is super fun!

  • First mix up a batch of your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe or purchase ‘slice and bake’ cookies from Pilsbury. Create a ‘cup’ shape by forming over or inside a cupcake tin and bake as directed.
  • Next make a from-scratch chocolate pudding recipe, we all have our favorites, mine is from a Country Home Cookbook ~ or simply mix up Jello Pudding. Place a spoon full or two into the cooled cookie cups.
  • Then crush chocolate sandwich cookies or purchase crushed chocolate graham crackers and sprinkle over the pudding to create ‘dirt’.
  • The carrot is made up of a dollop of icing ~ I made my favorite cream cheese icing recipe, added a few drops of red and yellow food coloring to create orange for the carrot, then fed it thru a pastry tube into the center of the ‘dirt’. You can also use store bought icing or even an orange slice candy. Freeze the extra icing!
  • Lastly ~ add a mint leaf for the carrot top or any greens you may have on hand….even a paper leaf will do!
  • Add the dessert to your favorite color cupcake papers and you will have a fun treat idea for a place setting and dessert!


Make a few extra desserts for take home boxes for your guests!

Make it extra special for your guests with a take home box made especially by you!

Simply wrap scrapbooking paper in different colors around a paper mache box then create the ‘Carrot Cake’ Recipe Card Project onto the lid. You can find the ‘Recipe Card Project Carrot Cake’ (here) and find similar style boxes (here).

As an extra special touch ~ find a tray…..I found a vintage cream cheese crate, and cut matching scrapbooking paper to fit….how pretty!

The ‘Carrot Patch’ Dessert fits perfectly inside!


Add a Pretty Place Setting to Serve Your Guests

Create a pretty place setting using what you have.

When your fancy dishes and your everyday dishes are one in the same ~ it just takes a little more effort to make it special ~ like adding a linen napkin, a few flowers, a place marker and a pretty dessert or favor!

Search around your home for pretty material or vintage linens to make napkins, layer and stack along with plates, cups and utensils. Tie it up with pretty twine. Then add your homespun clay pot and ‘carrot patch dessert’!

….along with ‘bunny patch’ place markers, making it extra special!


Create a Bunny Patch Chalk Art Place Marker

A gift for you…..create along with me ~ Classic Chalk Art ‘Bunny Patch’ ~ Click below for pattern.

Bunny Patch Classic Chalk Art

Gather a few supplies and lets get started ~ since we are unable to shop for supplies ~ try using what you have at home. Creating Art will lift your spirits, I promise. Here is a list of a few substitutes!

  • The surface can be as simple as scrapbooking paper or a piece of cardboard if you do not have a chalkboard.
  • Any Black, Dark Grey and Light Grey paint you have on hand!
  • The pencils noted are Prismacolor which are waxed based…but give it a try with other colored pencils….you may just love the results. Watch the video and try to match up the colors as best you can!

…..and a complete how-to video!

If you enjoyed the Classic Chalk Art process ~ check out the many patterns available (here). Check a few Easter and Spring Patterns below.

And if you are coming to us from the Tamaqua Art Center FaceBook Page….I sure do hope you will join us for a Workshop, keep checking our schedule!

….and now the place setting is complete by placing all the parts and pieces together ~ personalized for your guests!


…and look I even found a candy mold for bunny butts… cute!

Make it special this Easter Season ~ set a pretty table, make a simple craft and enjoy a sweet dessert!

May you find Joy and Blessings in the little things.

There is power in prayer and in our Risen Savior, Jesus.

Happy Easter!


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10 thoughts on “the bunny patch

  1. Janet Roache says:

    Another beautiful place card! I hope you are staying safe during these uncertain times. Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you….enjoy! And Happy Easter!

  2. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    Have a Happy Easter! Hoping to be back to colored pencil classes soon, God willing. In the meantime, enjoying all the posts. Still clearing out the old house but definitely loving the new one!

    1. I have been soooooo thinking of you and hoping your new home was not ‘held up’….so happy to hear your enjoying it! Happy Easter!

  3. Debbi says:

    So cute! Thank you so much!!

    1. Thank you! enjoy!

  4. Charlotte S Fletcher says:

    Thanks for sharing. May you feel God’s blessings as you continue to share your gifts. I pray a hedge of protection around you as you serve your community.❤

    1. Prayers for your safety, health and well being. Thank you my friend!

  5. Thank you so much for the adorable pattern, Amy! I always enjoy seeing your vignettes and beautiful designs! Stay safe and healthy! <3

    1. Thank you so much Miss Sheila….be safe❤️

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