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If you have been following along for a while you know that I am not much of a flower girl, creating flowers that is….I tried and have taken many classes ~ but my patience is weary….I think I will leave the serious floral paintings to the Artists ~ such as ….some of my favorites Annie Quigley, Kelly Hoernig and Rebecca Baer.

But I have fallin’ in love with these ‘cute as a button flowers’……they have a simple prettiness about them.

‘Cute as a Button Flower’ design was originally created for my Shop ‘Cottage Classics’ within 895 Studio in New Ringgold PA….. how can there be a Cottage Shop without flowers right? The whole display of vintage bowls and pretty flowers will be scattered thru-out the Shop….The Art was needed to support it after-all.

Catch a glimple of the shop ‘Cottage Classics’ in a week or so thru our FaceBook Group ‘Create with Classic Amy Joanne’

and here it is the ‘Cute as a Button Flower‘ Classic Chalk Art Pattern for you to create!

One with Summer like colors in a white stoneware bowl….with a blue stripe, of course.

and another in Autumn like colors within a yellow ware bowl!

…..the flowers are just as ‘Cute as a Button’ ~ here is a quick video on how to create them.

the new pattern is available to you with both Summer and Autumn designs included!


Cute As A Button Classic Chalk Art Pattern

Pattern includes supply list, how-to, instructions, line drawing and many photos! Price includes shipping.


You can find similar style Chalk Art just by clicking the ‘Shop’ tab at the top of the page! or (here).

…and below, is just a fun photo to simply enjoy….wouldn’t it be fun to gather a few button flowers, wrap in brown paper, tie up with string ~ then print this little card and give as a gift along with this Classic Chalk Art?

Thank you for your support of this Small Business and Artist… make this Art-filled life happen….Enjoy!


Coming Soon ~ Peanut Butter Butter Squares May Recipe Card Project, Stylin’ with Art Boards, Fabric Walls & Little Dressers, and New Things in the Kitchen

6 thoughts on “Cute as a Button Flower | Classic Chalk Art

  1. Madeline Corsini says:

    Thank you for sharing! Such “cheerful” flowers.

    1. So happy you enjoyed! Thank u

  2. Glad you are enjoying painting flowers. They are really cute, remind me of bachelor buttons that my mother use to grow.

    1. Thank you Jane! …it was fun to create something new!

  3. This came out just lovely! I love the project! <3

    1. Never thought I would be making flowers, but these are fun! Thank you❤️

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