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Adorn your front door to Welcome Family, Friends and Neighbors alike with a hand painted and simply created Welcoming Wreath….Charmed they will be for sure!

If you missed it ~ you can learn all about the Series and find the first in the Collection (here).

In a nut shell, the Charming Welcome Series is a pattern made available with no commitment, no time limits and always available to you….a fun acrylic piece painted on a bevel cut scalloped frame to adorn any wreath for your front door!

‘A Charming Welcome’ ~ Santa is Coming!

Santa is on his way with his playful sidekick, a bag of toys for all the good boys and girls and a few sweet treats tucked away too….

Looks like Mrs Claus has some socks to darn when he returns.

This pattern is full of playful fun!

Inspiration from everywhere! This tiny elf hung on our Christmas tree so many years ago….vintage fun for sure.


Enjoy this video about the scalloped garland and making a view finder….making your painting and wreath extra creative.


These little elves are creatively fun, they are popping up everywhere….

To purchase your very own pattern click (here).

Surfaces can be ordered thru my friend and designer, Sheila Landry, at

Enjoy shopping all the new patterns just released ~ click here!


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A Charming Welcome it will be for your friends, family and neighbors! Welcome to the Series…..Charmed to have you!



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