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The ‘Recipe Card Project‘ in Paint & Pencil has been a monthly project here on the blog, beginning in August of 2019, and a fun journey it has been!

We have had pumpkins, elves with cookies, honey buns, sweet corn with pretty table cloths and candy corn ~ yum! ~ each with a lesson to be learned thru video on prepping, basing, shading, hi-lights, and details, and a project how-to sheet to purchase.

This month finds us with a ‘Western Omelet’, perfect for the vintage recipe card used!

Making a few changes to the ‘Recipe Card Project’

No worries it will still be here, just not as scheduled or containing a lesson video in every post (you can still catch all the previous lesson videos here on the Blog and thru the YouTube Channel). There are lots of new ideas coming in Art & Home to share, just making room in the schedule and delivering a little differently.

Click ‘here’ to scroll thru all 19 ‘Recipe Card Projects’ with ideas and how-to videos…and also learn what it is all about!

Click ‘here’ to purchase your very own ‘Recipe Card Project’ how-to sheets (19 in all, each sold seperately)!

Click ‘here’ to visit the YouTube Channel!

Click Below to purchase the new ‘Western Omelet’ Recipe Card Project

Western Omelet

This posting is for a one page PDF pattern with supply list, instruction and line drawing for the ‘Recipe Card Project’ ~ ‘Western Omelet’ Once paid an email will follow with the PDF copy. Photos can be used from the blog posting.


and here is a slide show showing a few steps from basing to hi-lights to shading….and adding the pepper seeds!

My hopes are that you continue to enjoy the ‘Recipe Card Projects‘ as they arrive and look forward to new beginnings in Art & Home thru this Blog!

Enjoy your Western Omelet!


Coming Soon ~ Little House Door Knob Gifts, Stromboli Snack Table Dining, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Valentine Gifts, ToleTown Family Project, Coconut Tarts, For The Birds, Adding The Fluff, and soooooo much more!

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