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This recipe is kinda like an ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ recipe ~ change it up to suit your taste and add toppings till your heart is happy.

The cookbook I have been working thru is from Rachael Ray. I do flip back and forth between books, magazines, ol’ family recipe cards and print-outs from Pinterest. Makes our meals interesting!

Each Wednesday evening I put together a grocery list for the following week, using all my cookbooks and such, making sure there is enough for 7 meals….some new and some old favorites. Most recipes make enough for two evenings for our family of two….with some extra for freezing. Makes for organized shopping and meal planning…..not to mention Dessert on Sundays.

This Recipe is Chicken, Chorizo and Tortilla Stoup

Can you tell this page has been used alot by the notation and stains in the book? You can also find the recipe on my personal Pinterest board (here).

and if you are wondering what ‘Stoup’ is? it is a cross between Soup and Stew.

I skipped the Chorizo and added Country Sausage Links…and used Dark Red Kidney Beans. But nothing beats adding the topping of crushed Wheat Tortilla Chips and Mexican Cheese and then broiling it to perfection!

This recipe will surely have you coming back for more. The hubby says ‘it’s a keeper‘!



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6 thoughts on “Chicken, Sausage, Tortilla Stoup|Snack Table Dining

  1. Cyndi Monroe says:

    Hi Amy – I’m new to your site and while I was browsing, I found this recipe for Sausage Stoop, etc. and I know this is a stupid question, but where do I find this recipe? I tried clicking several things but no recipe popped up – Thanks!

    1. I added the link to my Pinterest board on my blog…below is the link for you- it will take you to another site (I used my cookbook)…. thank you for stopping by I sure do hope you will visit often 🙂 and like what you see!

  2. Janet Roache says:

    Looks absolutely delicious!

    1. Mmmm, good for sure!

  3. Sounds good! My husband is the cook here. I will definitely share with him!

    1. How wonderful! Enjoy!

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