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As we head into the New Year…. and just like every other ‘new’ year ~ I feel the need to refresh, renew, and begin again (alongside of organizing, cleaning, and planning) and hoping this year I can say….

I really got it right this time

The optimist in me, ‘the dreamer‘, says “Yes, this year you will get it right”. The pessimist says, “you say this every year”….too funny.

So We’re starting off the New Year (like every other year) with lots of new Creative Ideas ~ new products, planned gatherings, along with website, home and studio updates ~ time to refresh, renew and begin again….at Home and in the Biz too.

at Home

This year is all about adding the details with some color and softness to cozy up our home. Adding layers to the walls, floors, windows and doors ~ Big and Small Projects.

The big projects being ~ adding a free standing accent cabinet to the kitchen ~ the ‘classic’ is there with white cabinets, black granite counters, grey subway tile and slate flooring…..the accent cabinet will bring in the color, we’re thinking ‘boxwood green’. Then adding in the softness with curtains around the sink and door. Right now, our door looks like you’re entering a dentist office, lol.

In our living space the curtains will be made to coordinate with the carpet ~ I picked a perfect matching fabric thru Spoonflower (shown above) ~ and I am thinking of accenting it with pink gingham ~ just need to convince Jerry that pink is an option for our living space.

The dining space has had a few changes thru Autumn with more to come too.


In The Studio

We’re still working one wall at a time. The Studio is a bear to organize, clean and re-do….it serves so many purposes ~ to host creative gatherings, weekly classes, designing, zoom recordings, business storage, home office, home storage, packaging candles and more.

I would say it is a one woman show, but I couldn’t do it without my hubby.

We have plans for another Sales Display, A Wrap Station, and Wainscotting on the second wall ~ we’ve been using alot of schoolhouse vintage items~ making it extra fun!

….just maybe an Open House next Christmas Season!



My Amazon book list is growing ~ thanks to watching old Home, Garden and Cooking shows thru our streaming service ~ we just jumped onto the ‘streaming’ bandwagon and am enjoying soooooo many old and new shows.

I am especially lovin’ finding shows that I have never heard of ~ like ‘Baked in Vermont‘ and ‘Zoe Bakes‘ thru Discovery Plus.

I didn’t know there was a right way to use a rolling pin ~ thanks to Martha Stewart Living I now know….and it works!

The cookbook (Baking) I am enjoying right now is ‘Zoe Bakes Cakes‘ ~ I can’t wait to dive in and bake a few things.

I also watched an ol’ u-tube video of Paula Deen interviewing Cheryl Day of ‘Back in the Day Bakery‘ ~ and then added it to my Amazon book list to purchase.

My desire to create in the kitchen is almost as fun as creating Art.



There are no boundaries to Creativity ~ I love that about my job ~ always thinking outside the box, going against the grain, no copycat-ing, just doing my own thing.

Maybe everyone’s painting flowers this week…..I’m gonna paint frogs and pretzels.

There are new ideas swirling around my head for the biz~ Classic Giftables, Keepsake Journal ideas, new Candle Scents….a lot of stepping back to move forward.


Where to Find Classic Amy Joanne

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We have fun ideas already planned for an Easter Table (a new color egg this year), a Snack Mix Giftable, new Candle Scents to introduce, Smash Burgers and Cookies, and as you know, so much more!

leT’s Be creATivE toGetHEr!


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2 thoughts on “Inspired Creative Living ~ New Year 2023

  1. So many fun ideas! Looking forward to seeing them to completion! But, you know, we can always get things “right” until the next creative idea strikes! Then watch out!

    1. hopefully this year I can ease into all the projects! So much to look forward too!

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