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We can convince ourselves that this Pandemic and the Year 2020 is all ‘bad’ ~ but as my Mom has taught us ~ look for the Good, look for God’s People or Purpose in every change or situation, whether in our own lives or the World around us. Sometimes we will not see it immediately …

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Discover the magic of your paintbrush ~ create these fun new designs for Christmas decorating and gift giving, just released ~ found exclusively here at Classic Amy Joanne! ~*~ The Acrylic ‘Claus Inc’ Lazy Susan has to be among my favorites….I have been playing with these little elves for about 2 years and they are …

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Me: “I can’t stop looking at these eggs….they are so beautiful.” My Family: “Please stop talking about ‘those eggs’” ‘Those eggs’ happened to bring me joy for a week or so….they were the prettiest blue I have ever seen. Every time I opened the fridge there ‘they’ were….being all blue and makin’ me smile.