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My husband Jerry and I are DIY ‘ers and for the last 26 years I cannot remember a time when one part of our home or another wasn’t ‘under construction’ or being re-decorated.  Mostly because of my ‘bright’ ideas, Pinterest sure helps with that,         now-a-days……

That being said….I am never short on ‘bright ideas’ and as I posted earlier (here)…we are re-doing our living room (or parlor as my Dad called it), which has lead to our first floor re-do.  One room always leads to another.

I have been boxing up un-wanted furniture and décor to sell or to donate in our foyer for weeks and dreaming of old ‘newly’ painted furniture to replace and refresh, along with fun finds from vintage shops and sales.

2 minute r 4

Prior to leaving for my 9-5 day job on Monday I had 2 minutes to spare and stood staring at all my DIY projects and dreaming…. and I decided to take down the mirror that has been hanging for almost as long as we live there.  I had big plans to take it to the foyer,


2 minute repurpose 3

I turned around with the mirror in hand and realized, I have a beautiful new fireplace surround that my husband built for me. I recently removed the Snowman Painting (yes I just removed my snowman on May 1st….to keep it real)….so I needed something to replace it and I had an ah-ha moment and placed the mirror on the mantel….

2 minute r

And it worked perfectly !……sorry, it’s a keeper, not for sale!

Repurposed in 2 minutes…..

You can see a few of my collected vintage treasures on the left, using the boxwood green I posted about earlier.

2 minute r 2


I will keep sharing as we refine and refinish the room(s).

Still in the works……I have now repainted the table 3 times that I posted about earlier, I have found the perfect fabric for my new white curtain trim (see below), and am hoping to sell some things in the foyer to save for a carpet….I also will share the beautiful fireplace surround with you once my husband and I ‘discuss’ the doors for the bottom cabinets! In 10 years the mantel has changed 4 times…..but this one is for keeps!

My Inspiration…… light blue walls, white trim, mahogany floors, iron hardware, Boxwood Green painted furniture and accent pieces, dark blue furniture, ironstone, gold accents and white curtain with dark blue patterned trim……

2 minute r 3

 It’s coming along…….

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