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Whip Up A Batch Gift Tag

Created for an event at a local Antique Shop in Tamaqua, PA called Tink’s Antiques on June 17, 2016

Whip up a batch gift tag!

The event is called Ladies Nite, where we Shop, Create and Eat!

Tink's Antiques June 17th

 The first Ladies Nite in March 2016 was such an awesome event!  We didn’t know what to expect when the doors opened that first evening …..and it was beyond amazing, welcoming and heart warming!

So we are doin’ it again!….this time we will be creating peanut butter cups by local baker Linda Yulanavage of Sweet Treats, and creating a colored pencil wooden gift tag to adorn the sweet treats gift box!

There will be plenty of shopping and sweets to eat too!

Since many of you are not local, I would like to gift to you the gift tag instructions, line drawing and photo to create yourself!

Wish you all could be with us……

whip up a batch git tag! 2

This tag would make a cute gift topper with a sweet message on the flip side for a sweet treats gift….or add a clothespin and magnet to the back to hold love notes to the fridge!

Click on the below image for your sweet gift!



friend me on FaceBook to see my awesome finds at TInk’s

I will be sure to post about Tink’s Antiques and the Tinkers soon… much love and support in our small town community!

11 thoughts on “Whip Up A Batch Gift Tag

  1. Fran says:

    Just think these are”the cat’s meow”! Adorable….

    1. Enjoy Fran! Appreciate you!

  2. Patty Bigler says:

    Love your work…beautiful.

    1. Thank you Patty….you’re kind comment makes me smile! Enjoy…..

  3. lbarbadora says:

    I love everything you do Amy 🙂

    1. Thank you Lynn….my creative across the miles friend!

  4. Dorothy Perkio says:

    World love to see what you are up to artistically.

    1. Thank you Dorothy….sign up for email updates on the blog page if you have not already and enjoy!

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