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‘Social Media Weekly Recap’ will be available to you each Friday right here on the Blog Pages of Classic Amy Joanne.

Why you ask?

to share all things creative, of course!

With Social Media ‘algorithms’ and ‘blocking’ controlling the content, it is increasingly apparent that friends and followers are not seeing posts. I can only imagine what I have been missing out on as well.

So what do we do? I’m not sure I have the answers, but my Blog seems to be a good place to start. The content is controlled by the Author (that is me) and friends who follow along will share in all the creative fun! …….Friends and Followers can comment too

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Enjoy Creativity ~ in Paint & Pencil, Recipes, Home Decor, Table Settings, Refinished Vintage Goods, Gift Giving, Journaling and so much more!

Thank you for being a friend. Happy to Stay in Touch. Inspiration and Creativity Awaits!

This post will hi-light each day of the week with the posting and images from the FaceBook Timeline of Create with Classic Amy Joanne.


Social Media Happenings

Monday June 7

Being a homebody I can find project after project to keep myself busy, here is a look at what our weekend held, with some relaxation in-between too!

While working every weekend, I do try to make the best of it….at the store I created a few floral displays with fun chalkboard signs! Proving once again that you don’t need to throw $ to have Style, it just can’t be bought.

Once home, I made pizza dough for a yummy classic pizza and cleaned the closet….you see that bin? That is for Better Brands, Inc. , it is a wonderful shop giving ‘good’ clothing another chance and then donated to ‘women in crisis’. When I drop things off I always purchase, it’s a given, good stuff!

I also found time to dig thru my vintage stash purchased mostly at Studio 895, for a project to paint…I started a dry sink in ‘flow blue’ from Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.

My hubby planted zinnia seeds for a pick in’ garden, while I made cabbage roll stew!

The magazine I enjoyed is the British Edition of Country Living Vintage Home….it has the most beautiful photos, many stories, 226 pages and no ads…I love it!

Friday June 4, we were live with Artfully Connected with Cindy Harrison creating ‘shiny red nose’ in Classic Chalk Art! You can still enjoy the free demo, stop on by their timeline…..learn what it is, how it came to be and the quick and easy technique too!

Soooooo many patterns available to you!

Tuesday June 8

Three ‘Big Things’ at Classic Amy Joanne

The release of 12 new Classic Cling Rubber Stamps is soooooo close! I received the samples to play with yesterday 🙂

The first page in the Creative Halloween Keepsake Journal is complete! I have a fun idea on sharing this Creative Project ~it involves patterns, how-to videos, blog postings, and a new group!

….and I will be introducing a new blog post each Friday ‘Social Media Weekly Recap’ ~ cause I have a feeling my 3000+ creative friends are not seeing all this creative fun here on Facebook. So why not use the platform created for you, my Blog!……be sure to add your email to the blog page ~ don’t miss a single post😋

Executive decisions are made….😏🤓🙂🥴

Wednesday June 9

Join Us!

We have 11 seats available in each of our July Zoom Classes thru Artful Webinars!

It is like Christmas in July!

July 27th ~ Ornament Series!

July 29th ~ the second Class for our Creative Christmas Keepsake Journal ~

next up in August and coming soon ~ our 2nd page in the Keepsake Journal has Mrs Claus enjoying her Gingerbread Cake!

Thursday June 10

Creative Kindness Corner

Since we are all about ‘Classic Chalk Art’ this week, here is a creatively fun gift tag ‘free pattern’ from 2016 for you to create!

Whip Up A Batch!…/whip-up-a-batch-gift-tag/ ~ so many ideas with this design!

Not sure what Chalk Art is all about???? check out this weeks blog posting with new downloads and a Sale too ~…/classic-chalk-art-revival/ ~ bet you didn’t know it is really Colored Pencil and not Chalk!

Check out Fridays (June 4) ‘Watch, Learn & Paint’ thru Artfully Connected with Cindy Harrison ~ for the FB ‘Live’ Classic Chalk Art Demo!

Always Creative Fun at Classic Amy Joanne!

Friday June 11

Feature Friday

Featuring today is all the fun new things going on at Classic Amy Joanne!

Here is what we are working on….

A sneak peek at the first page of the Creative Halloween Keepsake Journal! Of course Matilda is on page 1…with her pocket pals! Mr Froggy is our newest creative character! Lots of little details are being worked out ~ available in October!

The next set of Classic Cling Rubber Stamps will be introduced very soon! From line drawing to product pics, to packaging, to ideas, it is all coming soon! We even have a Creative Friend who will share all kinds of fun ways to enjoy your new stamps!

The ‘In a Bowl’ Series of Paint & Pencil projects will be introduced this September (and a fun surface from Sheila Landry)! Along with an In-House Studio monthly class. Are you ready to come back locals and creative friends?

We also have a new Toletown project releasing in July ~ are you a member of this fun group? Mousie Macarons are coming soon!

And new pages in the Creative Christmas Keepsake Journal!

and so much more!

Check back for Social Media Weekly Recap each Friday and enjoy all the in-between creative fun too!



10 thoughts on “Social Media Weekly Recap | June 11, 2021

  1. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    This “local” is ready to come back! Looking forward to the first page…Santa, gingerbread man, and candy canes. Like you, I am tweaking areas of my home to make things more organized. And, finally, got all my pictures hung up!

    1. Oh Judy, that is awesome! I will be excited to see photos of your home….I am sure it is cozy and welcoming….always fun to tweak and work on🙂….looking forward to life and Classes again! See you on Zoom!

  2. Wonderful idea, Amy! 🙂 It helps us see what we may have missed. <3

    1. Smile! Thank you! I know I am missing a lot….and am hopeful this will help keep the creativity going !

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