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Social Media Happenings

July 12

Another weekend full of creative fun! How ’bout you?

We were Makin’ Bunnies, well, a practice run anyway….more to come on this fun idea with bunny molds and templates too!

Of course we had good eats! Pizza…I found a new recipe for making the crust (and oh boy it was yummy) and made my own sweet sauce too! The cheese is out of the bag, but otherwise homemade goodness!

I also took the camera for a spin in the garden, we have many many bees and love to watch them in action….of course with the zoom lens!

And I worked at DG on Saturday and made some pretty displays 🙂. Keeps me busy. I would even display soup cans and nuts if it was all I had.


July 13

Be In the Know

On the Blog this week, two opportunities to join us In-The-Studio or thru Zoom to create in Paint & Pencil!

Pinch me…we are back in the Studio!

Can’t wait to see busy hands around the table 🙂. Click ‘here’.


July 14

In The Studio! YES, I can say that!

May I save you a seat in the Studio for a Class? Join me for 3 Classes, once a month beginning in September to Create ‘ Make It Merry’, 2 seats remain in the morning class and 5 in the evening class!

What you leave with are keepsake keepers for a lifetime ~ class memories, art skills to create on your own, friendships, and an heirloom piece to hand down to family.…/paint-pencil-in-the…/

PS ~ For those that live far far away ~ ‘Make It Merry’ was just chosen at your request for a Zoom Class too ~ November 4th 6 to 10pm EST, thru Artful Webinars….information will be posted on their site soon!

Three seats remain in each of our July Zoom Classes ~ may we save you a seat?

First ~ July 27th ‘Christmas Friends’ Ornament thru Artful Webinars.

And then the Repeat Class of the first page of the Creative Christmas Keepsake Journal on July 29th.

Click ‘here’ for more information.

Paint & Pencil with me, ‘Delicious Spells’ thru Zoom on September 2nd and September 9th, 2021

Learn how to create a textured cake, candy confetti, and a cute little Wixie ~ there is magic in the brush and pencil!

Click below I would love to have you join us!

Beginners always welcome!


July 15

Creative Kindness

I betchya sometimes folks look at our ‘Art Lingo’ like we have 3 heads, we say such things as floating color, purchase the pattern, use a fan brush, use stippling motion, drag your brush on the chisel, etc, etc, etc…..

For Today….let’s give a little Creative Kindness to those folks who would love to join our Creative World but do not know where to begin!….how about ‘What is a Pattern?’!

A Pattern for painting/penciling is much like those sewing patterns that have been around in Department Stores for years….. minus the tissue paper to pin, lol!

A Painting/Penciling Pattern is your guide to create the very piece you admired from the cover photo. Each pattern will have many photos to guide you along visually. It will also have a supply shopping list and where to purchase, tips and techniques, a line drawing (guess what you don’t need to know how to draw), and complete written instructions to paint and/or pencil the piece, along with finishing instructions as well!

Still a little nervous? There are tons of ‘free’ resources thru video, on social media, free patterns and blog postings to guide you along thru every technique (try it before you buy it) or join a Class in person or thru Zoom!


July 16

Feature Friday!

We have 4 new download-able patterns available and just released!

(Paper copy will be available in a few weeks)


Got Carrots? in Acrylics.

Cocoa To Go in Acrylics, makes a perfect gift!

Goody Goody Gumdrop and Gingers ~ Acrylics. An oldie but goodie updated with even more info and pictures!

and….Apple Spice Bakery in Acrylics & Colored Pencil ~ pattern includes both the bentwood box and breadboard! This is part of the Vintage Scale Series.

Sale priced for a limited time….come shop and enjoy!

Take a peek around the Blog Tab for all things Art & Home

And A video peek at what we are up to at Classic Amy Joanne… get quirky me in the mix 😉🥴😘

Check back for Social Media Weekly Recap each Friday and enjoy all the in-between creative fun!

Enjoy Creativity, all things Art & Home.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Weekly Recap | July 16, 2021

  1. Oh! I am SO excited about all of these amazing products! Seeing what you are creating really makes me feel inspired! It is so much fun to focus on making such adorable projects! Thank you, Amy for sharing your wonderful talent with us all! <3

    1. So happy to be working with you on so many projects! Hard to know what to do first!

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