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June 14

A lazy weekend of dreamin’ it was.

Which came first the perfect yarn or the denim? How could I resist more denim at Hobby Lobby and yarn that just popped into my cart? Perfect coordinates!

A meatball stroganoff casserole…..this will win the hearts as ‘completely homemade’ or an ‘on the fly’ meal! Sharing later this month on the Blog. Are you following?

We are thinking about finishing up this awkward dining area….where the window is not centered to the room but the light fixture is….refinishing the built in hutch, adding a unique piece of furniture, trimming the curtains and starting a mural wall or oil painting….oh, and maybe paint the table and slip cover the chairs….just maybe.

Playing again at my retail job ~ my boss humors me…..I created place settings ~ $25 gets you a centerpiece, a flower sprig, two napkins, a denim tied rug as a table cover and 2 complete place settings!


I attempted and failed to finish cleaning my Studio closet. I kept day dreaming of projects and gave up! Maybe next weekend

June 15

Check out a few family favorite recipes right here thru the blog of Classic Amy Joanne!

Another ‘Door Knob Gift’ idea too!

Always Art & Home

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June 16

Each and every time I open my ‘Creative Christmas Keepsake Journal’, I smile

… each page is completed the journal becomes a little more fun to turn the page 🙂.

Will you be joining us thru Zoom to create ‘page 1’ on July 15 and July 29th?

only 10 seats remain for July 29th! Click below and join in on the creative adventure!

This is our little garden shed – it is an addition to the back of the garage and like a second story ‘cause it is built on a hill.

I just love it and wish I could make it into a she-shed, but really he needs some space for his own, I guess, I mean after all he is the Gardner🥴….and I take up most of our home.

Anyway, we strung lights under the pergola and added a vintage door with a fun twist to the shed…..and have new cushions for the seating area….it’s coming along 🙂 nicely…..and things are blooming ~ even my new Zinnia patch!

June 17

Creative Kindness

Some folks have asked about the photos I share, my photography and the camera I use ~ Here are a 8 ‘tools’ I use when taking photos, whether Art or Home….Enjoy!

  • It really isn’t about the camera. Sometimes I do set the scene with light filter lamps, different lens and my Cannon…but mostly I point and shoot (sometimes tethered) and also use my phone for quick shots!
  • I keep it ‘color’ simple. Pulling colors from the item I wish to hi-light and work around 3 main colors with other props. Add layers and texture (just like in Decor).
  • I tell a story. Like in these images, the candle is Gingerbread, so the ‘scene’ is telling a story of baking gingerbread.
  • Crop some of the story (items) off the photo, not all images need a border. Not everything needs to be centered.
  • In editing (unless it is Artwork), I push the background back with blurs and darkening and up the clarity in front. PS. My Artwork will stay true to what it is (my rule). Editing is like creating Art. This is where I will crop, add signature and frame as well.
  • Invite people into the ‘story’ by photographing from different angles ~ I have put myself in awkward positions to get the photo ~ it will surprise you how much this will help. Crouch down, pull up a stool, hover over or turn the camera.
  • Look thru the lens at the ‘scene’, review it. The camera eye will show a different ‘view’ than your own eyes. Adjust the scene and retake. Sometimes I take 25 to 100 shots of one scene till I get it right….yep.
  • Enjoy your time with the Camera, another way to enjoy Art.

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June 18

Feature Friday!

Who doesn’t love corn! ….here are a few patterns to create in acrylics, colored pencil and Classic Chalk Art.

Shop the Clubs here, ‘The Market Club’ ➡…/going-to-market-acrylic…/

Shop Classic Chalk Art here, ‘The Long Haul’ ➡…/the-long-haul-classic…/

Shop Acrylics here, ‘Colors of Autumn’ ➡…/colors-of-autumn…/

Shop the Recipe Card Projects here, ‘Sweet Corn’➡…/sweet-corn-1-page-pdf…/

Shop Colored Pencil here, ‘Simple Gifts’ ➡…/simple-gifts-acrylic…/

Enjoy Creativity!

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