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blue bird of happiness 4 (2)

Sometimes it is the unexpected happenings that put a smile on your face and make you think for a minute….Wow, that was really nice! 

As it was with this ‘Blue Bird of Happiness’ hang tag…..

I posted the hang tag on FaceBook as just a quick photo to share, not for a pattern, a book or a class, just a quick ‘look at this’ kinda post…I wasn’t fishin’ for compliments or questions or requests………but they rolled in.

As an Artist whom puts herself out there, it is happenings like this that keep me motivated….and I am very Thankful for the unexpected.

birdie and bucket 2

This little blue bird made folks feel happy……hence ‘Blue Bird of Happiness’!   So what do we do?…….We created a Workshop at Tink’s Antiques to create together, makin’ local folks happy, simply because of a few nice comments on FaceBook!

and for my far away friends…..

Click below and enjoy a happy ‘free’ pattern…simply just to make you smile!

Blue Bird of Happiness (2)

birdie and bucket

As you can see by the photos….you can play and play and play with this little happy fella….add a plaid belly and polka dots too….

Simply give yourself some time to play and see what you come up with…..I used only the pencils within the palette given.

How about the backside? ~ of course I attached scrapbooking paper, do you have any other fun ideas?

How about the ribbon? ~ I used raffia and baker’s twine, what will you be using?

Will you share with me on FaceBook or add a comment to the end of this post?

blue bird of happiness
blue bird of happiness.jpg.1


blue bird of happiness 5 (2)

…and just in case your curious….the repro sap bucket shown is painted with Sweet Pickin’s Milk Paint, ‘In a Pickle’, the basket shown is painted ‘Cobalt’….. the ironstone was a find on a antiquing trip!  Neat huh?

…like my fellow paintin’ junk pickin’ friend Barb Jones of Rock Creek Emporium  once shared with me….’pile enough ‘junk’ together……….it will look good’, lol!  Great advise……


Are you lovin’ the ‘Blue Bird of Happiness’?  Keep watchin’ there is a pattern coming soon called ‘Home Sweet Home’, part of Classic Chalk Art!

home sweet home - Copy


blue bird of happiness

Are you Happy yet?

coming soon ~ The Family Biz, Welcome Home Classic Chalk Art Gift Box, Floating Color Video, Cat and Mouse Bentwood Tie-On and Banner Makin’

7 thoughts on “Blue Bird of Happiness | Classic Chalk Art

  1. I’m so feeling the happiness now Amy, your blue birds are so gorgeous. Love the one with the spots 🙂

    1. the one with the spots is so super cute….my favorite too! He would be neat painted on a denim jacket too!

      1. Oh yes! Now that sounds so super cute!!!

  2. Tweet little guy,thanks for sharing the happiness!

    1. You are very welcome!

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