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Classic Chalk Art….what’s all the buzz about?

Slice of Happy
slice of happy 2 (2)

So you’re curious about Classic Chalk Art, huh? 

The biggest mis-conception is that it is created with chalk and can be erased or smeared….well, I am here to assure you it will not!  I have created a fun way to get the look of Chalk Art without actual chalk or a chalkboard, it is coined ‘Classic Chalk Art’.

Classic Chalk Art has been featured a few times this year….if you missed out stop-on by and check out the posts, here is a recent post…. click ‘Chalk and Chew, Huh?’

 We create the look with PrismaColor Pencils and DecoArt Paint.  The paint creates the time-worn vintage blackboard and the pencils appear grainy like chalk once they ‘hit’ the surface.  Pretty Neat, Huh????

slice of happy 3

Leaving some of the background work as a hi-light…keeps the look of Chalkboard Art.

Working in layers adds the special touch….especially the white, it is all in the layering and pressure of your pencil to create depth and dimension.

slice of happy 6

on the Slideshow below ⇓ are a few patterns (some coming this Fall) ….traditional all-white or color.  The color chalk-art is created using 5 or less pencils.

glitter and gift houses too!

Visit the pattern page to see more, click (here), keeping your eye out for new patterns!

Remember ‘Blue Bird of Happiness’? click  (here) if you missed the free pattern.  Other Free patterns available on the Blog Page, Free Paint and Pencil Category.

Watch and learn thru the technique video ⇓- Get hooked!

Click below for a ‘free’ Classic Chalk Art Pattern, ‘Slice of Happy’….and give it a try!

Slice of Happy

oh and…I wanted to mention…keep PrismaColor Cool Grey 90% in your stash of Classic Chalk Art Supplies…..this is a great color if you want to shade or add more blackboard color into the background…..a great match to the vintage blackboard background.

So how neat is that ?!?!?!?

From now until July 31, 2017….. $1.00 off any Classic Chalk Art Pattern 

  Simply email your order to, and Enjoy!

(Cannot be combined with any other offer).


Slice of Happy

Coming Soon ~ Creative Friends New Book Release with Bonus Project, Autumn Snack Chalkboard Cones, When Is It Enough?, Banner Makin’, Art Play Date 2017

22 thoughts on “A Slice of Happy

  1. I just love your video tutorials! Great designs too… Now, I’ll be off to buy my PrismaColor Pencils
    Thanks for sharing Amy!

    1. Thank you Effie! You will enjoy the Prismacolor….they surprise me every time I use them! A simple wax pencil on different surfaces can look very ‘painterly’ ! Enjoy!

  2. romaland says:

    Thank you, Amy. I think your sister is wrong–you could at least get a local emmy nomination! =)

    1. Thank you….I think so too…hee-hee!

  3. Arianna Box says:

    Oh brother, I’m hooked already and it’s your fault. I’ll be placing an order. I really like some of your holiday patterns. Thank you for showing us this technique.

    1. Thank you Arianna! It makes a quick fun project! There are several holiday new patterns that will be released in September…keep watchin’…

  4. Elaine M D'Archangel says:

    Thank you… answers several questions

    1. U R Welcome! Thank you for watching!

  5. Cindy says:

    Thanks again Amy for a great video and pattern. I love this one for summer!

    1. Thank you Cindy, Enjoy!

  6. Thank you for sharing your fun with us. Love your pictures

    1. Thank you Jane!

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