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mr creepy 065 (683x1024)Mr Creepy was a big  hit the first time I posted him on Facebook…and in all actuality, he is really something created on a whim ~ just to play, not for an intended purpose!

So why not share right?

With many tools in my belt ~ such as Decorative Art knowledge, a few sculpting skills, my love for vintage, my favorite go-to products and an imagination with no end…he was a lot of fun to create without a purpose or a plan.

This is the real Halloween deal, no big box store décor for this girl…….  made by my hands in my own Studio.  Makin’ Pretties.  Well I don’t know if I would call it makin’ pretties, lol……..his gaze gave me the behibber, jeebers….so I named him Mr Creepy!

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So he came together like this…..

mr creepy 2Using a Styrofoam ball from my stash and a kitchen knife, gosh, where are those sculpting tools ?!??! I carved the hollowed eyes and mouth, then added a few deep slits all around lengthwise, then cut off a slice from the bottom so he would sit steady….and carved a hole in the top just big enough to place a candle (I used what I had on hand which was a battery candle, if I would have thought it thru I would have left the candle use-able by not adding the wood clay to secure him….oh, well)

….what kind of face would you create?

Slice small pieces of Quickwood (see sculpting how-to video here) to create the eyeballs to float in the hollowed holes, a triangle nose and square-like teeth.  Secure the candle in place inside the top hole.  Working quickly before the Quickwood sets.

mr creepy 3

After the wood clay is set, cover the entire surface with Texture Terra Cotta by DecoArt.  This  will add even more texture to enhance the look of a vintage-like pumpkin.

mr creepy 5_1

 Paint him (and  his  candle), with DecoArt Paints ~ Georgia Clay, Orange Flame, Yellow Ochre, Light Buttermilk, etc.

Finishing with DecoArt Walnut Antiquing Gel by gently dabbing off with a baby wipe, then spray with a Sealer…. then spray Glitter for sparkle!


 Embellish ~ crumple up a manila tag and spray it ~ along with medical gauge from the bathroom closet with Tim Holtz Walnut Stain Distress Spray.  Then rubber stamp the tag with a spooky design, then tie the gauge ~ and pin the tag to candle… pin is a vintage find….

Really….all you need is a Styrofoam ball and Quickwood and the rest can be created with whatever you have on hand…..from the texture to the paint to the embellishments!

mr creepy

mr creepy 073 (683x1024)

Just tell me ~ he is not the creepiest cutie pie!


And for the Classic Chalk Art Artists ~ give Mr Creepy a try on a chalkboard ~ he is looking pretty creepy too.

mr creepy 062 (1024x683)

Have you tried Classic Chalk Art?  If not click (here) to watch a quick how-to video with a free pattern….I am sure you will be hooked!

….and then try Mr. Creepy!  Click below for a free pattern and enjoy!

Mr Creepy


mr creepy 006 (683x1024)

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Happy Halloween!


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