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How is that for a title? But really…..this is what we are doing!


Would you believe me when I tell you that there is watercolor paper attached to this bentwood box project?

pilgrims 1 (2)
tin angel 3 (2)

Yeppers there is….and is my preferred surface to color pencil a design! 

There are only so many framed wall hanging to create when your medium is colored pencil… I put my Decorative Art background to good use and developed a way to allow a colored pencil design to be added to any wood surface, within reason that is….

….and I so enjoy a use-able surface, like a bentwood box.


Not only does this give different surface options, the watercolor paper also gives texture for the colored pencil to grab into… is good for all projects, but especially helpful to create age or a vintage look….like in the lid of the ball jar of the snowman snow globe pattern shown above.

Painting the watercolor paper with DecoArt Acrylic using a sponge roller gives the watercolor paper extra tooth as well (and will ‘match’ the rest of your bentwood box painting)… can really see the tooth in the pumpkin, below.


And Here is How to Make it Happen

First….gather your supplies.  140lb Coldpress Watercolor Paper, DecoArt Decoupage Matte, your Surface and a cheap-y chip brush.

watercolor 1 (2)

Apply Decoupage to the surface, making sure you have a smooth application and are all the way to the edge so the paper fits perfect!

watercolor 2 (2)

Top with the paper and press hard and then press even harder and then press even harder ~ make sure the edges are pressed hard too.  No bubbles…..

watercolor 3 (2)

Then place a heavy book or two on top of the paper….leave set for at least 24 hours

watercolor 4 (2)

…this is the hard part….the waiting.

Then remove the book and cut away the paper….Using a larger scissors to take away most of the paper and then a smaller detail scissors to get in close

watercolor 5 (2)

…and just look at the paper on the lid/wood, it is like it becomes one.

watercolor 6 (2)

Basecoat the paper with DecoArt Acrylic Paint…to match your project.

watercolor 7 (2)

How easy and awesome is that!

CP Play Date 2016 2

All the projects shown within this post are Colored Penciled onto watercolor paper adhered to a wood surface!  All are available on the Shopping Tab, Colored Pencil Patterns!  Click below for easy access

You may ask…”Why not just color pencil directly on the wood?”  There is just not enough ‘tooth’ to do a full pencil project with lots of layering and burnishing. 

The newest pattern with this technique is coming soon…..‘Tweedy Bird and Cantaloupes’ ~ part of the Vintage Scale Series

watercolor 8 (2)

I am also working on a free pattern and how-to video in Colored Pencil Technique over Watercolor Paper…….keep awatchin’

…..and Enjoy!

Up Next ~ ‘Going to Market’ Gift Ideas, Colored Pencil Technique, Building a Snowman, Sister’s Stash, Painting from a Pattern How-To and Favorite Surfaces!

29 thoughts on “Watercolor Paper, Painted in Acrylic to Color Pencil on a Bentwood Box

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  2. Pat says:

    I love how you experiment with different media and surfaces. Looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Thank you Pat! Fun to play!

  3. Barb says:

    I think what helps make a great artist is her ability to “share”…you, Miss Amy, are a great “share-er”❣️

    1. That it so sweet! Thank u! Love to share….that is our purpose to give it away right?🙂

  4. Carrol says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this technique. Your work Is really amazing!

    1. Thank u so much! So happy you are enjoying!

  5. laurajn45 says:

    Amy this sounds like just what I need to get “going” again in the midst of a Minnesota winter. I am wondering if you think this would work on good quality paper mache boxes?

    1. Absolutely it will work on Paper Mache Boxes…..! Enjoy!

  6. Laura Ningen says:

    This sounds like fun! And in the middle of winter I need something new to get me going again! I’m wondering if this might also work on paper mache boxes? I have several that are quite heavy …..what do you think?

    1. Absolutely! Enjoy!

  7. LOL! I agree, the hardest part is waiting for something to dry… can;t wait to see the how-to video in Colored Pencil Technique over Watercolor Paper 🙂

    1. Thank you Effie!

  8. Bonnie says:

    So when you adhere the paper, which side ofmthe paper are you using to pencil on? The very ‘rough’ side or the smoother side? I prefer the smoother aide, does it make a difference? The one side has more tooth, but is very, very textured

    1. Hi bonnie! I use the ‘rougher’ side to pencil on….the more ‘tooth’ the better to layer with…🙂

  9. Paula Konsavage says:

    I learn something every day. Thanks Amy

    1. You are very welcome Paula! Enjoy!

  10. lbarbadora says:

    Thank you for the “tips”……now I just need to buy myself some colored pencils!

    1. YES, you need colored pencils! (to add to your stash!)

  11. Phyllis Higgins says:

    enjoy you post. thank for the information

    1. Thank you Phyllis! Enjoy!

  12. romaland says:

    Another fun project! Love the idea of gluing the watercolor paper to the boxes–awesome! 😁 another neato mosquito post.😉😊😚

    1. This stuff has awesome sticking power! Thank you and Enjoy!

  13. Thank you Amy for the tips, I brought my colored pencils with me on my vaca, I was going to play with them. Love your plaid bird

    1. Will I see pink and Turquoise? Enjoy!

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