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At the beginning of last year I shared ‘My Studio ~ Chaos and the Plan’.  Well, I am excited to say that I did keep some of my resolutions and had some progress….or at least moved in the right direction!

Patience is becoming my strong suit, lol.

Read about it here if you missed out…..a few dreams and ideas for the space.


Please keep in mind it is still in progress……and fingers crossed, next year at this time we will have finished results!  ….like I said, fingers crossed.

Here is a before picture ~ looking in the direction of the Art Wall. Did you see the Art Wall video on facebook, click below ?


And here is progress…..the floor was found and the Art Wall shelving was extended to keep up with all the new projects!

studio makeover 3

The lighting was another challenge ~ you can see in the ‘before’ picture above what we had.……and working with the existing floor plan, I opted form over function….who wouldn’t choose ‘pretty’ right?

This pendant was chosen with pretty glass prisms….and of course it was painted with Milk Paint!  A cord cover is still in the works made from a painter’s drop cloth!

Also ~ 2 gold wall sconces and a larger computer screen for easier viewing!

studio makeover 1

Boy what a mess…..another ‘before’ the progress.  Do you not love the cereal bowl….lol!


In this direction ~ a door was added to the closet and trim to the curtains ~ yes, I changed the fabric selection from the original plan ~ along with a gold sconce, added files and finding the floor….

studio makeover 4

…and the biggest transformed area is this little corner.

Here is a before…, look at that dusty lamp.


and the after…..almost complete.

studio makeover 6
studio makeover 5

….at least we are moving in the right direction.  

View the Milk Painted Furniture video to see all the fun ~

As you can see I painted on a tarp right in the Studio….All those pieces took less than a pint of ‘Flow Blue’ by Miss Mustard Seed.  Do you see how this cast off ugly ‘orange’ furniture turns into something pretty and useful and to treasure?

The table and printer desk will be ‘French Enamel’.

A few things checked off  the list and a few more to do

  The not so visable things are to wax the painted furniture and hemp oil the wooden childs roll top desk and chair.

 breaking up the blue’by painting the printer desk and the pedestal table in Miss Mustard Seed French Enamel.  

The bullitan board will be hung on the attic door again….just needs a little distressing to the painted finish.

The new closet door needs trim and painting..…lots of trim painting, ugh!

Wires need to be hidden, moulding needs to be added and trim needs finishing work.

Maybe a carpet under the desk for warmth.

…and for heavens sake, I will clean off the ‘waiting room’ bench!

Part of the fun is finding vintage elements to include in the space…..I am hunting for vintage floral oil paintings in gold frames…..just because.  I know they will look awesome against the back wall and bring in some ‘girly’ touches.  

What does your creative space look like….is it your dining room table, a closet in your bedroom, a guest bedroom, your basement or a she-shed? 

UP NEXT:  Sister Stash, Painting from a Pattern, Small Town Livin’, and Lining a Bentwood Box

7 thoughts on “My Studio Office~Progress

  1. Claudia says:

    I love the space. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank u so much…it is fun to create the space!

  2. Wow you’ve certainly made some progress, looks awesome!

    1. Thank you Effie….little by little!

  3. Your progress looks wonderful AMy. Now here is an idea for those florals…remember the flower challenge…you could paint your own.

    1. Thank you Jane…..yes, I accepted the challenge…gotta start soon!

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