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milk painted pedestal (2)

Do you like the look of ‘chippy’ painted furniture showing up in Country Magazines, Farmhouse Style and Décor Blogs?

I personally, ♥ the look of painted furniture, especially as a statement ‘look-at-me’ piece! …but I was born with a paint brush in hand, remember?  Paint can not only change the look of a cast off piece of furniture, but can change the look of a whole room!

As a DIYer, a 30+ year painter and a having a Grandfather whom was a painter by trade, you can say I have paint running thru my veins….having a few tricks up my sleeve and a few tools in my belt from my experiences, I will share with you how to achieve this look on your own!

Milk Paint is a natural paint product free of chemicals ~ it works nicely to re-finish a vintage find from a yard sale, estate sale, vintage market or antique store…and achieve this chippy, time-worn look.

Can you imagine not having to prep, strip or sand your piece prior to painting?  …..just simply mix powder and water 1 to 1 and apply……that’s the beauty of Milk Paint!

Wait before buying the farm…..there are a few things to know about Milk Paint… is unpredictable…..when you apply the paint to a vintage piece ~ know that the paint will react to prior finishes, painted layers, old stains and years of cleaning products.  It can be beautiful and you will get all the chippys in the right places….but sometimes it doesn’t work out, it is a paint you need to play with and learn to love. 

It is best to practice and experience it prior to hauling out the roll top desk.  Having knowledge to ‘fix’ things or how to get from ‘this~ to ~that’ can only be gained by practice and experience.  Start small….maybe a stool or chair!  There are additives for the Milk Paint to help as well ~such as bonding agent, and finishes in wax or hemp oil. Learn and grow with the brand and product!

In the video I share a little bit about adding the bonding agent to control the chippy-ness and how to achieve the look without sanding.  It really depends what you are looking for….a totally all-out chipped piece or maybe a little time worn on the edges, or a sleeker look with no chippy.

Here are a few pieces finished in Milk Paint…

A Blue Chippy Dresser ~ painted with Sweet Pickins milk paint and chipped in all the right places.  Finished in oil wax.

milk painted pedestal 7 (2)

A Yellow Sideboard ~ painted in Sweet Pickins Milk Paint, worn on the edges with some painting trickery, antiqued slightly on the detail and finished with wax.  Leaving the top the dark natural stain enhances the worn edges. 

2016 best 3

and most recently…..

A Flow Blue Dry Sink ~ From Drab to Fab ~ finished in Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint with bonding agent to control the chipping,  Antique waxed in a few areas and finished in hemp oil.  Mixing finishes can be useful as well!

milk painted pedestal 5 (2)
milk painted pedestal 11 (2)

It started out as an ugly orange ‘pass me by’ stain….

milk painted pedestal 9 (2)

It was in good working order, and looked beyond the ugly

milk painted pedestal 6 (2)

To control the ‘chippy’  I used bonding agent….then used a tried and true dry brushing technique to avoid sanding….because who wants to sand right?!?!

Can you believe less than a quart of paint finished this dry sink, 2 light fixtures, a chair and a shutter and using only one cheap $1.25 throw away brush? …yes, with all the tool and brushes I have, I choose a $1.25 chip brush!

milk painted pedestal 2 (2)

Enjoy a quick how-to video on my dry brushing technique….quirky me again!


To create the Bowl Pedestal featured in the video

Gather a plaque from ‘Michael’s’ Craft Store, a wood-turning from ‘ Lowes’ Home Improvement Store and a bowl from ‘Hofcraft Supply’, and attach/adhere together with screws and glue.  Then paint DecoArt Soft Black.  This will allow a dark background to show thru the ‘chippy’.

Then gather your Milk Paint supplies….I prefer Miss Mustard Seed or Sweet Pickin’s paint depending on the color I am looking for , a whisk, a glass container,a measuring cup and a chip brush.

…and lets paint! 

Is this not a fun way to build a bowl pedestal?!?!?

milk painted pedestal 3 (2)
milk painted pedestal 4 (2)

If you missed my post at the beginning of the year about re-working my Studio and Office (click here).  Planning  the whole room, then break it down into sections, then break it down by piece.  The dry sink is a small part of the big picture….just wait and see!

Are you ready to change-up your space and add a piece of painted furniture?


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7 thoughts on “Milk Paint & A Bowl Pedestal

  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much Amy for sharing this technique using milk paint. I’ve only used it a couple of times but never on a piece of old furniture. I have a Deacon’s Bench that I had paid someone to reinforce the spindles so I was sure that people could sit on it without me worrying if they were going to be able to sit back comfortably without leaning backwards and ending up falling. It’s in my garage waiting to be donated. After watching your video, I’m bringing it back in and I’m going to try my hand at rejuvenating it. Thank you for the inspiration. Do you have a suggestion on where I can order the milk paint that you use?

    I’d also like to mention that I admire your creativity, blog, and the devotion that you put into every aspect of your art. Your energy and knowledge of your craft has inspired me to spread my wings a little at a time and try new things. You mentioned a Christmas ornament blog hop. I don’t really know what that entails but it sure sounds exciting. Except for the “blog” part….I don’t have one 🙃 👀

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for your kind words, they make a girl happy! I am so happy your going to ‘save’ the deacons bench! I purchase Miss Mustard Seed paint thru Amazon…if you visit her site and blog you will be further inspired,! ….you will love the upcoming blog hop, there will be 13 free patterns from 13 different artists creating ornaments thru all our blogs, stay tuned in! Thanks again….:)

  2. I Love the pedestal bowl Amy Thank you for sharing your technique using milk paint. Great tutorial!

    1. Thank you Effie! It amazes me what a cheap ‘chip’ brush will do!

  3. cute project, thank you for the information on using milk paint

    1. it was fun to build the pedestal! I am picturing it in ‘petticoat’ from MMS too!

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